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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Alice Udo    July, 19 2011 - Philadelphia
I love telling my stories of signal graces (I will share my miracle story another time). I began saying the rosary daily about five years ago when my best friend found a lump and I've continued because it brings me joy and peace. My friend is fine but here are a couple of the many signals:
I usually start my rosary in the morning on my train ride in to work. My favorite mystery is "The Visitation", it reminds me of my friendship and the reason I started to pray the rosary.
One Monday, I said to Mary, "I'm a little too tired today, I think I'll close my eyes and sleep". Once off the train I stopped into a little breakfast shop owned by a Chinese couple. The patrons are separated from the food by a long glass partition about twelve feet long. While waiting to order, I looked down and taped to the partion is a picture of Mary greeting Elizabeth - The Visitation! I could not believe it! Not another picture in the entire restaurant! I laughed and said "OK Mary! I got the signal!"
My best friend and some of our other friends took me on a cruise for a big birthday. It was in the month of October. I was finding it difficult to keep up with my daily rosary because of all of the activities and fun on the boat. One morning I got up to go to the breakfast buffet and as I was walking up the steps I greeted a woman who was walking down. She was wearing a blue sweat shirt with a picture of the rosary. As she passed me and I guess noticed me looking at her shirt, she casually said to me, "October is the Month of the Rosary". OK Mary! I got the signal!
Thank you Mother Mary! For all you've done good in my life and in the lives of others. I will continue to pray the rosary for the rest of my life.

ann mary    July, 09 2011 - india
Mother Mary always assisted me in various aspects of my life. Most of the time it was me who failed to recognize her help and miracles. This is the most recent one, as I was doing my 54 day rosary novena, a sudden headache and dizziness interrupted my prayer. I was looking at Rosa Mystica picture on my desktop and praying and suddenly a light flashed and I felt great energy. What else do I need?

Love you Mother….

Lee Zinck    July, 02 2011 - New Zealand
I've been very fortunate to have a Mother who wakes ups early every morning to say the Rosary. As a naturally concerned mother she always asks God to protect and look after all her family. I attribute it to her prayers that we her children are protected from many misfortunes. Only in the next life will we know from how many misfortunes we have been saved from. But every time I hear on the news of someone having lost a child, or a father or grandchild in a terrible accident the more I am grateful that we have a Earthly and Heavenly Mother that prays for us all the time.

melo raj    June, 12 2011 -
i am now 19 years old and now waiting for the university admission result. i did matriculation and the result were wokay. i wanted to do medicine in a goverment university as i am a middle class family. a prayed the rosary hard so that i will get a place, yesterday the result for one of the university were out and i didn't get it. i were very sad as most of my friend got the evening i always go for hiking in a nearby hill. that evening as i was hiking i ask god my i am not lucky and ask mother mary for the signal grace. as i reach the top a chinese man was sitting there and after asking what i am doing now, he told me i sure will get a place.i could only thank our lady for this. today i am going to start the 54days novena

Natalie Koss    May, 21 2011 - Michigan
I never had a rosary until I made one for myself in Jan 2011. It was the second or third time praying the rosary on Monday Jan 31, "the sorrowful mysteries". When I got to the third hail mary on the fourth mystery "the carrying of the cross" when I was able to hear the sound of the wooden cross dragging on the ground. The sound persisted into the third hail mary of the fifth mystery "the crucifixion". I wept but kept praying thru to the end. The first week of May 2011 I saw a very quick vision of a vinyard but I'm not sure which day or mystery I was praying.

Tiffany    May, 18 2011 -
I am in the midst of praying a 54 day rosary novena. On my way to work, I was praying a decade. As I was reciting the Hail Mary prayer, I looked into the skies and saw a heart shaped cloud. On either side of the heart, there were two smaller clouds shaped like angel wings. I believe it was a sign from Mother Mary.

ann mary    February, 25 2011 - india
mother mary, always assist me in every phase of my life. i have received immense gifts on praying the rosary.

on the eve of my son's birthday, i had a conversation with my hus who is abroad, he simply started to get angry on topic of birthday celebration and i had to disconnect. i cried and held the rosary reciting the prayer. he called me after a mystery and talked very calmly, and said sorry, which has never happened before.

i also had a heaviness in my head, and this vainshed wneh i started meditating on the rosaries more carefully.

my father who is a heart patient and with a bad liver has escaped from death miracolously by reciting the rosary.


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