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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Mairenn Brenn    February, 12 2011 - Florida USA
I suffer from a congenital heart condition which was not diagnosed until I had a heart attack in 2008. I was told by my doctors that I am at end-stage heart disease with only a 10% heart function and was placed on the list for heart transplants. Last night I was having severe heart pain and my family wanted to call rescue. I laid down for a while and was watching a special on tv about the healings at Lourdes. The chest pain was severe and it was hard to breathe. Without thinking I took my rosary and placed it on my chest and kept watching the special. In a matter of moments I had no more chest pain and was able to sleep the whole night. I woke up the next day feeling well and had no more pain.
That was last night and I am convinced the Blessed Mother intervened for me. I telling you my story because the rosary is the most powerful tool we have. Thank you, my mother, for your divine help. May each rosary I say be a wreath of roses on your head. I love you, my mother!

JUMA    February, 04 2011 - ODENSE
I have experienced lots of miracles throught the rosary. Me and my husband had many problems for the past five years. From 2005 to 2009 we were in England. My husband is an IT professional, but he didnt get a well paid job in England. So in 2009 we returned to our homeland and try for a visa to Denmark. We prayed 4 rosaries everyday and overcoming many obstacles we got visa. The job market in Denmark was very down when we came here and we were told by many people that its difficult to find a job here.We believe in Mother mary and kept on praying rosary everyday.Within 2 months my husband got job as an IT developer with a very high salary. Its really a miracle by Mother Mary to get such a good job in IT after a gap of 5 years. The intersting thing was that the employer didnt ask him a single technical question for his interview. Thanks Mother Mary for all your blessings

Miguel Serrano    January, 13 2011 - Los Angeles
My wife and I were praying the rosary and she started to smell like roses.

MICHAEL HOFFMAN    October, 27 2010 - Vancouver, Wa
This rosary miracle is another sign that Our Blessed Mother will always take care of us!!!! I have been searching for a job since Jan 1, 2010 and just when you start to think that maybe these prayers are on deaf ears GOD always has a way of showing me just the opposite. I was finishing a novena to St. Michael which by the way if poeple don't know which I did not and my name is Michael, the way you honor St. Michael the best is being devoted to the Holy Souls!!! The day before the last day of the novena I started to think that I have never remembered St. Michael ever helping me(I know he has tremendously) but these thoughts do go through my head. I was at the cementary doing my novena and just when I get done I received a phone call asking me for an interview on St. Michaels feast day and then my first day of work was Oct 7 Feast of the Holy Rosary and I should hope to never think that my prayers are not being heard again!!! The interesting thing was I waited 11 months (patience and perserverance does work) and their were over 4,500 applicants and only 350 got hired, WOW!!! Our Lord always shows me in a way that I can't miss that he had a hand in my being hired. Thank you Ourlady, St. Michael and all angels and saints and Holy souls for always being there for me and my family.

Linda    August, 29 2010 - Nebraska
Last year, my 28 yr old son decided that the time was right to try and purchase his first home. After finding the perfect home in his price range, he went to the bank and applied for his loan, after going thru all of the paperwork, inspections, approvals, etcÖ.. his loan was turned down because of a too high a debt ratio and not making enough money, needless to say his dreams were crushed and he was devastated.
A few weeks ago, I received a phone call from my son telling me that he had found another house that he wanted to buy and he was going to try for another loan from a different bank, he still had the same job, and the same debt ratio as the first time, nothing had really changed, and as a concerned parent, I didnít want to see him get hurt again, so I began to pray the rosary every day that he would get approved for this house (which was much nicer than the first one) I would ask the Blessed Virgin MARY if she would help him get this house, day after day, week after week, I would say, MARY, MARY please hear my prayer and let his loan be approved. One day I said please MARY, give me a sign that he will be able to get this house, a few days later, my son called to tell me that they just needed a few more documents before he got his loan. I was happy for my son, but still very nervous about the whole thing, I told my son that I was very happy for him and asked him what the address was of this house that he wanted to buy, he said mom, the address is 112 MARY St.!!!! I knew in that instant that, that was the sign I was asking for and things would be just fine. My son is now living in, and enjoying his new home.

Teddy Cabardo Jr    August, 26 2010 - Philippines
I had a lot of experiences in praying the holy rosary. since i was little, me and my brothers along with my mom prayed the Rosary every night. Even at an early age we are taught how to pray the Rosary cause my mom is really devoted to the Holy Rosary. During that time we don't realize how important the prayer is until we have encountered a super typhoon.we were so worried cause our house is really old and the roof is all broken and it even has big holes. During the night before the typhoon came we prayed and we were told by our mom not to worry cause we are protected.

during the night of the typhoon we were sound asleep and the next morning we were shocked because almost every tree in the community was pulled off the ground and one of the houses were actually carried away by the typhoon. Our house was blessed nothing bad happened to it and everyone was safe.

John Wilson    May, 13 2010 - Kota Kinabalu
Just this year my job atmosphere has not been a good one. Feeling of insecure, depression and fear surrounds in my emotion. After eight years with this company, I decided then to look for another job. I have been devoted to rosary prayer before my first child was born. Things that happen in my lifeís journey I always attribute to Godís will. Now Iím facing this rocky situation I turn to our blessed mother thru the rosary prayer. And yes! The thing you least expected whether of time or event, it happen to me. Yes! Godís signal graces. The job which I accidentally applied, the owner called me for an interview. Surprised and overwhelming! After the 1st interviewed, the boss looks keen in me. He said he will call me again for a 2nd interview but by his partner. From that day onwards I waited, but no call. Every night my wife and I pray the rosary together. Come May 7, at noon time my wife called and told me that there is a heartbeat on the fetus. She is 10 weeks pregnant! Then on the same day, towards evening, the owner called me for the second interview for the job. The date was fixed on 11 may at 11 am. The 15 promises of rosary stated that no 1. You will receive signal grace and no 11. You will obtain all you ask from me. After my second interview not only did I received the pay that I ask for but they give me more. Never underestimate the power of rosary. Trust God with all your heart and surrender to His divine will. Pray and pray the rosary. God is inscrutable in His decision and He works mysteriously. Never forget to offer thanksgiving all the time. Praise to God! Amen


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