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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

MICHAEL HOFFMAN    April, 20 2010 - Vancouver, Wa
I joined the Navy when I was 20 years old and decided that God was not important to me. Many graces came my way, but I thought I was doing it all. I started drinking and became an alcoholic. One of my many blessings was meeting and marrying my wife, God Bless her for everything I put her through. February 4th, 2003 at the age of 33, I decided I was going to commit suicide. My wife wanted a divorce, the Navy wanted to get rid of me, and my debt was at 20,000+ and counting. I strayed from the Catholic faith and went christian(protestant) what a mistake!!!! On February 4th, 2003 I picked up some literature on Fatima about the rosary, and it said all my problems would be solved if I said this prayer every day. Of course at first I did not believe it and then I remebered growing up saying the rosary as a family(God Bless my mother) and I still remebered somewhat how to pray it. So I said nothing else is working, forget the protestants and cried all day while praying the rosary and asking Our Lady to take all my problems. It is now been 7 years without drinking, my wife is still with me, I have retired from the Navy, and my debt is almost gone!!!. O Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Thankyou for saving my life. If you ever look at a picture of the Holy Face of the Turin, look at the temple and you will see the number 3. This miracle happened at age 33(same years Our Lord spent on earth) in the year 2003, and get this the 3rd promise of the 15 to whoever recites the Rosary is The rosary will be a powerful armor against hell, it will destroy vice, and isn't drinking a vice. No coincidences, people don't need psychologists they just need to pray the rosary everyday and all problems Our Lady will resolve. God Bless You all. I will be a slave of Our Lady until I die no questions asked!!!!

lD Jackson    April, 13 2010 -
I had been off of work, blacklisted and had many other personal problems. I prayed often . well long story short the sale of my son's house whom I am trying to keep up the mortgage payments was relieved from foreclosure on almost the last day it was to go for sale. I prayed the rosary and think this is what did it. I am very sorry because I am not sure. I prayed an a lot. So I am also sorry I am just now saying thank you for the rosary. However, I did thank God I ask for forgiveness. I still have not found any job that even comes close to the mortgage being paid on time. But I am still thankful and hope and to be totally blessed in the house matter. .

Derek Mizak    January, 01 2010 - Bray
It was 22 years ago when I was 15 years old. I had bad sledding accident. I did hit a tree and I have ended up in the hospital for over two months. I had damaged one of my lungs and broke colar bone. Fortunately doctors have managed to put me back together. However only after a while it has emerged that I cant fully move my right arm - this with colar bone broken. One of the nerv connections has been broken as well and it require long and complicated repair process or I wouldnt be able to move my arm fully. I have been waiting for my operation. Doctor said that it is imposible that that type of damage would heal itself without intevention. I did pray alot rosay with the intention to avoide this operation. When date for my operation finaly come - doctor decided to do some final tests. Surprisingly he notice that nerve is working back again however I will require a lot of exercises to get my arm fully working. Today no one can notice anything I have fully oeprational arm.
I belive that it happen through rosary. I have avoided multiple surgical operations. Thanks be to God.

Rodrigo Guerra    December, 01 2009 - Fort Mill, South Carolina
During the 2009 Lenten season, I promised to pray the Rosary daily and then have grown to love the prayer so much that now I must pray it daily.

I have received many signal graces and am now firmly convinced of its power through the intercession of our Lady.

One of the most amazing signal graces I have received occurred when I got laid off from work last October. At the height of this tough recession, I was devastated to lose my job but when I realized that I got the "pink slip" on October the 7th (which is the Feast of our Lady of the Rosary) my fears were calmed. I had faith that it was a signal grace from the Blessed Virgin Mary telling me that she would be with me and intercede on my behalf.

Just two weeks after I got laid off and in spite of these difficult economic times, I was shocked to get two job offers making twice as much as I made at my previous job ! It is truly a Godincidence that I got laid off on October 7th, the most important feast of the Holy Rosary. What an incredible signal grace !

Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ and the intercession of our Lady who will always lead us to her Son.

Ad majorem Dei gloriam !

L Kovalenko    November, 25 2009 - Kyiv, Ukraine
My prayers have been answered when my husband acknowledged that he would seek help for mental and alcohol problems. Our Blessed Mother has protected our family and for weeks, I've been living with the most amazing husband!!! He is the sweetest, most kind and is trying his hardest to make up for lost time. I had lost all hope and thought I had to file for divorce, but I kept reminding God that He hates divorce, and asked for Him to breathe life in our marriage. It has been a 180 degree turn around! Medications have helped tremendously and I don't recognize but am tickled pink about my husband's behaviour! Thank you Mother Mary!!! Thanks St. Jude, St. Faustina, St. Josepha, and all the saints in heaven! And MOST OF ALL, THANK YOU JESUS FOR LOVING US SO DEEPLY TO BEGIN HEALING OUR MARRIAGE! PRAISED TO YOU JESUS CHRIST!

tinette holmes    November, 18 2009 - elk city ok
3 yrs ago I had a friend that overdosed on some prescription medication after the state had removed her children from the home due to drug charges for meth.I was also an addict at this time.Jesus has since delivered me and I have been free now for 3
yrs.that night when I heard the news they told me that she was in a coma and showing no brain activity.She and I were very close and I was very alarmed and saddend.I had prayed the Rosary at very emergency type situations in my life before that, and had never been left unaided so I imediatly thought of it and got mine out and prayed it with all my heart praying for my friend that she would live and be set free.I was even high at the time.She was in that coma for 3 days, no brain activity.sometime during the 3rd day she woke up.She spent 5 wks in the hospital recoving.I have no doubt that Mother Mary and Jesus saved my friend.She is now clean and sober and living with her children.Jesus never abandoned me even in the depths of my sin.And because of his love and the love of our Mother my friend is alive and well and free, and I am also free.

Tonya    October, 26 2009 -
I wanted to share this story so that others may realize that signal graces are surely given to those who pray the rosary. I have to start by telling you that I only started to pray the rosary yesterday. I didnt even know how! I looked it up on the internet and followed online prompts. I believe I am being drawn by our Blessed Mother to pray the rosary. I have been doing alot of online research into why to pray the rosary, learning about many things. One thing I learned about was the brown scapular. It is said that one who wears it faithfully will be saved of damnation. I really was thinking that I should get some brown scapulars for my family and I to wear. Not as a lucky charm, mind you, but in an attempt to become more pure. I didnt think more of it, but later that day did pray the rosary for the first time.
The next day, as I was putting grocery bags away, which go above our dryer in a bag, what did I see hanging there?? The Brown Scapular!!!! My husband had hung it there after my sons first communion, because he had found it in our sons pants while doing laundry, and just hung it up there. I have noticed it before but really didnt think much of it...but this time it REALLY caught my attention! You see, normally the scapular was slightly hidden from view...and today it was clear as anything!! I believe this to be a signal grace!! There are no coincidences, only signal graces!! I feel so lucky to have been given one!


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