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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Frances M.    June, 24 2009 -
I was living life pretty much away from the church and religion, even though being brought up Catholic. At this point in my life I stated that I hated all religions. I cannot recall ever saying the rosary. To make this brief, I had miraculous series of events that lead me to say the rosary. I was alone at home, I barely had the mysteries memorized and decided that this time nothing was going to get in the way of me saying the rosary.

Recently, I had asked a question about where is evil and where does it live - where is it in man? I was just about to say the rosary and I noticed that it was suddenly like a spring day outside even though it was fall. I had to say the rosary without anymore interruptions. I started saying the Joyful Mysteries. It was either the 1st or 2nd mystery, when I heard a female voice ( I was alone) speaking - it was the most beautiful voice I have ever heard in person, on tv, or the movies. It was as if a gem/crystal/prism was speaking. All the facets were like rays of a voice but the voice sounded clear like one projected sound. I can only compare it to a mother speaking tenderly and lovingly to her newborn. And that is not even an accurate caparison. This voice said that out of hearts of men come evil and she repeated it. I did not say anything and I was not afraid or upset at all. I have to tell you that you would give up everything to hear this voice again and again.

I continued and when I got a the 3rd mystery a male voice spoke. It was a very powerful, strong, clear, direct, voice but not mean. It was like thunder or I can compare this voice to the "booms" you hear at the 4th of July fireworks - you know after the fireworks burst, then follows that explosion , white light, and boom - sound. Only this sound did not hurt the ears and was not uncomfortable in any way. Each word was a booming voice. The voice said, "I AM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD". You do not mess around with this voice.

This was just the beginning, in 2004, of many experiences for me. Thanks for stopping by and reading my true story of the rosary.

God bless you, and please, do yourself and your family a favor and say the rosary daily.

anthony bouchey    February, 03 2009 - kalkaska, michigan
These happenings concern rosary promise #3.

Part of the message is that the rosary shall defeat heresies.

Two or three days in a short period of time, I would dream and picture a specific animal.

In the morning, immediately after having the vision, I would go out and get the morning paper from the box, and start to read it.

The vary first thing my eyes would see would be the animal in my dream.

A short time after these occurrences, I was awakened by a somewhat high pitched, male, Almighty voice.

The exact words I heard were "I have a telescope."

This effectively defeated my heretical belief that God did not see every little detail of every little thing, but that our guardian angle would see everything and keep track.

Not long after this, I was in church during the renewal of our baptismal vows, and the priest spoke with the same Almighty voice.

This defeated my heretical belief that God did not speak directly through the mouths of His representatives - His priests.

Brenden    January, 22 2009 - Minnesota
Before I joined the Catholic Church (about a year ago) I had a daughter from a relationship that I was in for ten years. She is now four. I have recieved many signal graces from praying the Rosary and here is a great one that just happened. I recently fought for full custody of my daughter who is four years old. The system in Minnesota is heavily slanted towards the mother and usually favors them. I have been in a situation where I have had my daughter the majority of the time for the last couple of years. I recently got married and the mother was threatening to take my daughter away to live with her when she moved into her new house. This was a very real threat as by law (since we were never married) she had full custody of our daughter and could take her at any time and I could do nothing about it. So I went to court and asked for full custody not thinking that I would actually be given it, I figured it would be a joint agreement. After court in December '08 I prayed a novena to Mary asking to be granted the custody I asked for in court. On Jan 21, 2009 I got a phone call from my attorney saying that the judge had made a ruling and I was granted full custody of my daughter. Hail Mary!! I can now raise her confidently in the Catholic faith (which her mother has objected to) and continue to teach her love and devotion to Jesus through Mary. Thank you Holy Mother, and thank you Lord Jesus Christ!!

anthony bouchey    September, 16 2008 -
I could write a small book on the graces I have received through the recitation of the 15 decade rosary. I don't meditate on the mysteries, since these were added after St. Dominic was given the 15 promises, according to written history.

Today's story happened shortly after I started praying the rosary, after a long absence. A friend of mine brought to my attention a particular flower. It was a digitalis .

This particular digitalis had a flower on top that was as if someone had taken 3 or 4 of the normal digitalis and formed it into a new perfect new flower, altogether. I was captivated by this flower, and new it was something rarely if ever seen. I took 3 photos with a self developing polaroid camera, then I got my compact 35 mm. The polaroids actually are luminous at the new, top bloom.

When I got my 35mm, I wanted the best possible pictures, and I don't use it often. I decided to find the manual for the camera, to use it properly. In the zipper pocket of the camera bag was a very old bookmark with the 15 promises of the rosary that my dad had given me, years ago.

I had put it there for safe keeping, and long ago forgotten about it.

Trefor Smith    July, 21 2008 - Exeter, UK
I have had a very powerful signal grace and miracle connected with praying the rosary.

Last year, I was praying the rosary, and asking for the protection of my family.

Suddenly, without warning, I received a powerful interior vision, which however I did not understand. (I would prefer the nature of this vision to remain private, but I SWEAR on the perdition of my soul that it did take place.)

The following day, my Father collapsed and died with a heart attack totally unexpectedly. He had absolutely no history of ill health.

It became immediately apparent that his sudden death, totally fitted the meaning of my vision, "like a glove" as they say in England.

The strange thing is, that I hadn't really prayed the rosary that much before this happened. (I pray it alot more now!) Neither am I a person who ever "seeks out" visions, as it is impossible to "seek out" genuine visions.

I believe that by this signal grace, and miracle, the Blessed Virgin was preparing me for my Father's death, and foretelling that he was destined for Heaven.

Strangely enough, I also had, totally without seeking them - and even more unexpectedly than the first signal grace - three more signal graces concerning my Father, in the weeks following his death.(Infact, I'm almost embarrassed by the generosity of the Blessed Virgin, in this, and am rather embarassed to tell anyone of the sheer NUMBER of the signal graces, that the Blessed Virgin sent me, without my merit).

So I BEG everyone to pray the rosary. Heaven will be totally open to us if we pray the rosary.

I am now praying the rosary for the other members of my family (and other people), that the Blessed Virgin will protect them also, when they die.

wilma kay    June, 05 2008 -
When i had just lost faith in everything including the holy rosary, the Lord drove me right to this site. I do not know how i stumbled on this particular site.

I have had some difficulties lately and it's as if the whole world is crumbled. I have been over anxious and have lost faith in everything. Then i thought about my good old rosary but then again i started doubting if it is real at all. I started reciting my beads and i heard this loud voice telling me "If you don't believe it then why do you bother calling her? She helps people who have faith". I thought it was my own imagination or it was probably my own thoughts.

The first thing i did was to pray to God to give me confidence in the rosary and that is when i found myself on this website. As i read the testimonies, i prayed and cried asking for forgiveness for not believing in the rosary and then I heard another voice telling me "its ok you are always welcome". Once again i taught,'was i making this up too?'

Then i read about signal graces and to my surprise, everything i thought of as a signal came to pass within the next 3hrs. The most significant one was asking for a sign that my husband will buy me ice cream since its been a long time he did that and to my surprise, he came right home with my favourite vanilla ice cream.

i couldn't stop get over this ice cream and this made him ask why i was so crazy over the ice cream and i told him you dont know what this means to me. So at last, i have also experience signal graces. Hmm, we have a weapon.

Do not let any thing take you away from the rosary. It happened to me and i lost my faith but now i have it back and i can't describe the joy i have now in spite of my difficulties. This is the same feeling i have been searching for all this while.

supriya c    May, 06 2008 -
after reciting rosary and praying for someone to get cured that person is such a hardheartned person but now believes in rosary now and recovering from the negative vibes.rosary is truly a powerful weapon against all the darkforces as i have experienced personally.


Rosary Promise #3: "The rosary will be a powerful armor against hell. It will destroy vice, decrease sin and defeat heresies."  See also: 15 Promises of the Rosary...

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