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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Nancy Tester    November, 11 2007 - Brooklyn, NY
It was back in the spring of 2005 when I found out I was pregnant with my fourth child. My three children were all born prematurely, especially my third child who was born with a mild form of cerebral palsy with effects his legs. My doctors had all mentioned that the pregnancy would be very difficult and I would require a c-section delivery if the pregnancy went full term. I began praying the rosary at the start of my pregnancy and I started to have contractions during my 16th week of pregnancy. The doctors said that I was having a miscarriage and nothing could be done to prevent the miscarriage. I continued to pray the rosary and my contractions finally stopped, but things began to turn again during my 31st week of pregnancy that I needed to be hospitalized the day after Thanksgiving.

I left my rosary beads at home, but the Catholic sisters in the hospital had given me a pair of light blue and yellow hand-made rosary beads which were made especially for the baby. I began praying even harder while receiving numerous IVs and various medications to stop my contractions. My son, James Francis, was delivered on December 21, 2005 weighing 6 lbs even and born at 35 weeks pregnancy (one week premature). He stayed in the hospital for one week before being released from the hospital. He was my biggest baby and also I held him inside of me for the longest time period. We count our blessings every day since he has been born and are grateful for this special blessing.

sherie ann mallari    October, 27 2007 - virginia beach, va
My husband I lost our first baby 3 months ago while I was 6 months pregnant. This devastating experience made me pray the rosary more often and to re-discover my Faith. Today, after praying the rosary I asked Mama Mary to give me a sign that I am on the right track with my life and on God answering my prayer request, and if she is listening to my prayers. I asked her that if my husband sees me and hugs and plants a kiss on my face, this means a Yes from her. So, after praying the rosary, I went upstairs, my husband saw me, hugged and kissed me on the forehead! I felt really happy! I know this Signal Grace is from Mama Mary herself.

jim    September, 24 2007 - Potomac, Md.
My mother-in-law died of lung cancer on May 2, 2007. I had been praying daily rosaries for a cure or a peaceful death. On the night of her passing, my wife and I kept vigil in her dimly lit room at a local Hospice care facility. The nurse had said her time was here, but could take hours, if not days. We decided to stay awake shifts and my wife went to sleep in a corner chair first, leaving me by her mother's bedside watching her breathing grow heavy -- while I continued to say the rosary.

One hour before, the nurse had taken her vital signs and they were strong.

As I was finishing the first decade of my rosary, I lingered on the words: "pray for us sinners, now, and at the hour of our death. Amen."

I said to myself, "Mary, if ever there was an hour of death, it is now." I then reached out, and gently held my mother-in-law's arm and said to myself: Dear Mary, through your son, Jesus, either cure her and let her walk away from this bed, or take her now and end her suffering."

At that very moment (2-3 seconds), her mouth (which had been agape) closed and a hint of a sweet smile came to her lips. Her mouth remained closed for a moment or two and the smile remained as I awoke my wife.

Just then, she closed her mouth, took three breaths -- and was gone.

Thank you Mary and Jesus for hearing my prayer and taking my mother-in-law peacefully and not prolong her suffering.

I can only tell people this: Say the Rosary: Mary is real -- and she is listening.


Jonathan Gabriel    May, 01 2007 - Bangalore,India
I am 21 years old and I stay in Bangalore,India. I started praying the rosary just about a year ago and I must tell you all that my life improved so much. There were so many signal graces and miracles that I received. An account of the most notable is mentioned as follows "I used to be a spendthrift and just about the time I started praying the rosary I began to save money. One morning when I switched my computer on it wouldn't boot up and later I realized that the Hard Drive(HD) was messed up. So I went to the computer store to get a new HD. I was so frustrated that I was about to spend 3000 INR(60$) for a new HD especially after I started saving money. I went to this busy street in Bangalore where small and medium sized businessmen from the Jain community sells computer parts etc. The price of the components vary from one store to another depending on how you bargain. So i went to this one store and the owner had a look at my old HD and told me that he didn't have the same HD that I wanted but he has a better one but a little more expensive. I kinda wanted the same one because it served my purpose but the dealer tried to convince me to buy the new one. Then I decided to try in another store, when I showed the old HD to the owner of the next store, he had a look at it and told me that it's in warranty and he advised me to call Western Digital instead of wasting money on a new HD. I was very surprised because the businessmen of that particular street are known to be very cunning but anyway I called Western Digital and they arranged for a pick up of my old HD and replaced it with a new one. I didn't have to spend a single cent. I was so amazed at the miracle. This is not the only miracle that i have experienced after praying the rosary regularly, there are so many small and big ones which I experience daily.

David Nolan    March, 10 2007 - Iraq
This story may not sound miraculous to some, but to my family and our faithfull puppy it was a deliverance. Our 17 year old Cocker Spaniel Teddy was showing signs of severe old age. I am a soldier stationed in Iraq and my wife is at home, taking on all the responsibility of two people as the head of a houshold and a full time college professor. She was getting close to making a decision on whether we should put Teddy to sleep since he had trouble seeing and walking. Anyone who owns pets knows what a traumatic decision this is for a family to make, never mind making it with your spouse 9,000 miles away from home at war. I started praying a Novena to The Blessed Virgin Mary asking her that Teddy improve. Finally I had a talk with her and told her that I thought it was unfair for my wife to be put into the position of playing God. I asked her to take this burden from my wife and I, and have her Son take Teddy into his sacred heart when the time was right. Our Teddy passed into the care of The Blessed Mother peacefully in his sleep that night. I simply asked our Mother to care for my family and she did.

Peter John Stone    February, 15 2007 - Dillon, Colorado
I was raised Mormon, and even served a mission. I had a hard tome following it, and many times tried other things just because I did not feel my religion helped me become a better person (it seemed to help others, but not me). My sins were numerous, vicious, and some quite evil.
Last Christmas Eve I attended a Catholic mass for the first time. It moved me, and I spent a couple of weeks seriously considering looking into it more.
Amidst this difficult decision, a family came into the store where I worked. I admired the father's Benedictine crucufux, which I had never seen before, and his three year-old son's rosary. while the boy was elsewhere, the father mentioned they had recently converted. I mentioned that I was thinking about it. The boy would not leave the store without giving me his rosary.
As soon as it was mine, I recognized that it was a meditation tool. I had learned the value of meditation, and had been seeking ways to apply in my personal prayers, so I decided to try the rosary. I didn't even do it right -- Protestant "Our Fathers" and abut a third ofn the "Hail Marys", but it was like meditation on steroids. On January 7 I went to a regular Sunday Mass for the first time, and had an experience I can't describe. I accept this completely, and I have been praying the rosary as often as possible since. Just this week I found the 15 promises, and my wife agrees that everything observable in them has happened in my life in just a few weeks. This could not have been a self-fulfilling prophesy, because I did not know what the promises were. I just know what happened. Habits and addictions that have frustrated me most of my life (I am 46, and some have been issues since I was nine or 10)have gone.

Mathaus    January, 06 2007 - Florida, USA
When I first converted, I wasn't sure about the rosary. So I asked God to show me if he liked the rosary as prayer or not. I was praying for a friend who had been very hurt by her mother. She was very distressed by her relationship with her and was sick about going to visit her, because of her wounded heart and person.
Pryor to this visit her mother had not told her that she loved her in seven years. My friend did not even know I was praying for her.
When she came back she was very happy as her and her mother had reconciled. "Can you believe? she told me she loved me seven times"
From then on I believed in the Blessed Mother's great intercession.


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