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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Ann Pyle    April, 23 2008 - Oxford, PA
In 1993, I was working as a Phlebotomist at Bryn Mawr Hospital. I wanted to go to nursing school, but I wanted to get into the Hospital sponsered program with a local community college because of the cost , the ease of getting into the program because of it being hospital sponsored( and they only sponsor 6 seats every year), and the length of the program. My husband and I had also just had our son Michael, we were young and broke. I had prayed my Rosary that I would get into the program for that year. ( Now this community college had waitng lists for people to get into their Nursing program because it was so popular and cheap that some people would have to wait a few years, and local hospitals would sponsor a certain aamount of seats for their employees each year) After the hospital made their decision they called to inform me that I did NOT get in, but that I would be on the next list. Well, I felt devastated, I cied and couldn't understand. But I didn't lose my faith. I still kept my trust in God. I figured whatever will be will be. Any way, shortly after, that I got a phone call from the Hospitals HR Dept, that one of the girls that was chosen wasn't able to begin that year, and if I would like to take her seat,of course I was elated and new that this was OUR MOTHER'S work. That odd thing was that when i started the Nursing program, the girl that wasn't able to take her sponsored seat and was given to me, attended the program anyway at the same time and graduated Nursing School with me.

patrick kelly    April, 02 2008 - Philadelphia, PA
I wanted to share a true story. I have to preface the story with some background. We have been active members of St. Alphonsus Parish since the year 2000. We always sit in the same general area each week and our service preference has always been the 5:00 PM Saturday night Mass. Over the years as you might know yourself, everybody generally does what we do and sits in a certain area each week, we belong to a large parish with well over 1000 families. Eventually you get to recognize the people that sit nearby, but never really get to know them all. There has always been an older couple in their mid 70's or so that sat near us, the mans name is Charlie and his wife is Rita. Somehow over the years my 8 year old son Aidan and Charlie have become very good friends. I think this was because Aidan used to innocently but conspicuosly look at Charlie in the pew behind us with his unusual lookin g oxygen machine that would click on and off and the tubes that would lead to Charlies nose. One day while my son was looking at Charlie, Charlie waived to him and Aidan waived back. The next week Charlie brought some small gift for Aidan and they have been friends ever since. Even now Aidan will sometimes leave my family at the beginning of Mass and go sit with Charlie until the end. Charlie, I now know has suffered for many years from a debilitating lung condition from a botched medical procedure that forces him to use an oxygen tank everywhere he goes. He also suffers from Pagets Disease which causes constant pain and suffering, and some weeks Charlie, to Aidans dismay, cannot make it to Mass due to his pain and illness. These weeks his wife Rita always says hello to Aidan and Aidan always says he will pray for his friend Charlie, and on these days my son will always include Charlie in his eve ning prayers. Charlie has not given Aidan more than 3 or 4 small gifts in the 4+ years we have known him.
Last weekend while loading my sons Lacrosse gear into the car, I found an old set of rosary beads with sentimental value to me in the trunk of my car, a rosary that I had thought was lost. I had not prayed a full Rosary in at least 6 months or maybe even a year, it is not a prayer method I do on a regular basis. I happened to have a long drive on the afternoon I found it and decided to pray with it. The letter I sent to my friend Charlie is attached. I hope it speaks to you as it is completely true and I think a remarkable, but little everyday kind of miracle. See Below Letter,


March 30, 2008

Dear Charlie,

I wanted to share an interesting “coincidence” and true story you were unknowingly involved in. Yesterday my son Rob had a lacrosse game for LaSalle High School up in Lawrenceville, NJ. He went to the game on the team bus, as I drove up by myself I decided to say a Rosary on my travel time. When I finished the prayers I asked God for continued direction and His guidance in my life, I then began to question God and asked Him how do I know what is the right direction and guidance if He sends this to me, as I pondered my questions I realized I was staring at the bumper of the car in front of me and it said COMPASS across the back of the bumper in big letters, I laughed and immediately saw a billboard sign that also said COMPASS in the writing on it. I realized God had answered my question by telling me to follow the compass. It then came to me that the compass is Jesus, His teachings and His church which will always point out the right direction and give me guidance. I drove on to the game with the surety that once again God answered my questions.

Later yesterday afternoon after Rob and I got home, he was in the shower, Mary Frances and the other 3 kids were at 5:00 Mass and I sat down by myself and began to question whether I look too deeply into things and “make things up” in my head to speak on behalf of God. I began to question this and to think the compass coincidence was just that, a coincidence. I then heard the backdoor open and our little buddy Aidan ran into the kitchen where I sat thinking and said, “Daddy, look what Charlie gave me at Mass today”, into my hands he dropped the compass which you gave to him.

I guess we shouldn’t question God when or how He answers our prayers….thanks for the confirmation of His message.

Your friend,

Patrick Kelly

Margaret White    March, 30 2008 - Edinburgh
I have witnessed many miracles through the rosary and novenas to saints. After praying the rosary three times a day during lent Our Lady appeared to my daughter when she was a child in her room. This was a signal grace. My son who was a child jumped up on the bed beside me as I prayed the rosary and held his up to me and asked would they be changed too. I said you cannot expect them just to change because you want them too but they changed instantly. The same time I was praying the rosary in a room in my house on the feast of the divine mercy and my rosary beads changed into beautiful colours. I prayed non stop for my own mother as she lay in hospital in a coma and on the night she died myself and another close relative heard a heavenly choir in the room and the ping of a harp as the music ended.. It gave me great peace to know that my holy kind loving mother had went straight to heaven. If you this Sunday the rosary and the divine mercy novena you may witness a miracle in your own home because this is the day when God pours miracles down on earth. Ask and you shall receive.
Then come back to this site and let others know of the miracles that they too may believe in the power of Jesus and Mary and God the FATHER. Ask the holy spirit to enter your life and you will feel his warm presence and joy as you pray. May the power of the holy spirit come down on all who enter this site and may you all receive the beautiful signal graces our lady gives.

G L    March, 19 2008 -
Thanks you all for sharing the miracles. The miracle I am writing about is not for me personally but for my dearest friend but I feel it is mine as well because I witnessed it from the begining and God has trully blessed us in different ways. For the longest time this dear friend of mine was not so keen about having children.. I on the other hand keep on singing to anyone who can listen about how much I want another child and I believe God will give me another I have one 10 yr old angel but pray for another. Now About one and half years ago this dear friend of mine started wanting to have children and she went to talk to her gynecologist who told her she would not have babies because of the fibroids in her stomach. She had been having problems in her stomach for some time. She was really disappointed and she called me and told me about it. My answer was the doctor is not God .. God has the final say. She however insisted that the doctor said he had never seen anybody in her situation concieve at all let alone produce eggs to have a baby. I told her she would be the first testimony in her doctor's career. So we talked to a lady who is a prayer warrior who advsied her to pray the rosary every weekend and mediate and she would concieve in 3 months. So we prayed and fasted and prayed some more. She started getting sick after 2 months but we didn't even know that pregnant until she was about a month gone. When we confirmed we praised God. And I am priviledged to share with you that as I write this she had her baby at the begining of this month March . A healthy baby boy. Now I am Catholic since birth and I used to pray the rosary a lot when I was young, but had not prayed a rosary in years and didn't even remember how to, until recently. Since I started praying the rosary I have the special calmness I used to have when I was still a little girl whenever I used to say the Rosary and I have come to wear it or the Scapula everywhere I go. After reading the King's miracle on this website I feel even happier and more rejuvinated to share our Beloved Mother Mary to the rest of the world. Remain blessed

Simon Jalong    February, 13 2008 - Malaysia
My brother John was a drug addict. At one time he took a big amount of drug and had caused him to behave abnormal and suffer of insomnia (difficulty to sleep). He also claimed that he was possessed with evil spirit. Before that he worked offshore and mixed with various nationality and this had coloured his life in the past 10 years. We knew his abnormal behaviour after his former employer informed us. We were really uncertain on what to do to help him. At one stage, we were about to refer him to the psychiatrist and the counsellor. But when I shared my problem with some Christian friends, they asked me to try Rosary Prayer. So I called a few friends home and prayed in a group. Thanks God, after a few nights of trying, he slowly changed and now becomes normal. Thanks Mother Mary and Jesus for listening to our prayers. Amen.

Kathia Boisrond    November, 26 2007 - Brooklyn, NY
Last September I decided to leave a job I really hated. I was extremely depressed, my financial situation was in chaos and I can hardly keep up with my bills. I decided to take a great leap and just quit my job. I gave them my two weeks noticed, but they wanted me to stay a little longer, therefore I stayed for 4 weeks. My last day at the job was October 19, 2007.

I spent the first week jobless and almost no hope in site, and to top it all three days after leaving the job, I found out that I was pregnant. Life got a little harder. But I still kept the faith and prayed and kept my rosary with me at all time. I was not thinking that I would have found work easily so I was ready to do temporary works until something steady came along. I did go on a couple of interviews, although they were not in the field that I wanted, I still gave it a try because they were paying positions. That Friday of the first week I got a call to go work at an entertainment company. Although the pay was not what I intended I took it because my bills had to be paid.

The second week after leaving my job, I started temping at the entertainment company. Boy I really, really really hated it. Four days into the temp position, I felt some sort of depression coming over me. I just wanted to collapse and cry. I did not regret leaving my depressing job, but my situation made me sad. I felt my eyes water and knew that I could not make it without a break. I told the people working besides me that I was going on my fifteen minutes break. I headed to the bathroom with my rosary in one hand and my cell phone (don’t know why I took that) and the other. As I am headed to the bathroom to pray, I looked down at my cell and saw a number that I did not recognized. It was one of the most prestigious university in the country who saw my resume online and wanted me to come in for an interview. Mind you, I NEVER applied for a position at the university, they found me.

Now, I went on the first interview on a Monday, then a second interview that same Wednesday. During the second interview they told me that I had the job and wanted to know if I could start that Friday. This position is going to pay me $13,000.00 a year more then what I was earning. The only way for me to describe this is MIRACLE. God and The Virgin Mary protected me and saved me. And I know the more I believe the more God will do for me.

Nancy Tester    November, 11 2007 - Brooklyn, NY
It was back in the spring of 2005 when I found out I was pregnant with my fourth child. My three children were all born prematurely, especially my third child who was born with a mild form of cerebral palsy with effects his legs. My doctors had all mentioned that the pregnancy would be very difficult and I would require a c-section delivery if the pregnancy went full term. I began praying the rosary at the start of my pregnancy and I started to have contractions during my 16th week of pregnancy. The doctors said that I was having a miscarriage and nothing could be done to prevent the miscarriage. I continued to pray the rosary and my contractions finally stopped, but things began to turn again during my 31st week of pregnancy that I needed to be hospitalized the day after Thanksgiving.

I left my rosary beads at home, but the Catholic sisters in the hospital had given me a pair of light blue and yellow hand-made rosary beads which were made especially for the baby. I began praying even harder while receiving numerous IVs and various medications to stop my contractions. My son, James Francis, was delivered on December 21, 2005 weighing 6 lbs even and born at 35 weeks pregnancy (one week premature). He stayed in the hospital for one week before being released from the hospital. He was my biggest baby and also I held him inside of me for the longest time period. We count our blessings every day since he has been born and are grateful for this special blessing.


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