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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Robert Edwards    August, 14 2006 - Louisiana, USA
I had injured myself on April 21, 2002. A friend asked if I wanted to go to a place called Bayou Pigeon with him and his father. He told me that manyhave witnessed miracles there and that maybe I will have a miracle of healing happen to me if I go there with them. So, I said yes and had gone to with them. There used to be an old Catholic Church that once stood at that location and my friend told me that supposedly the blessed virgin Mary had appeared to the Priest there years ago. That same priest would go to that location every 1st Saturday of the month to pray the Rosary and several people around the Louisiana area heard about this. Therefore, many people would go to join this Priest in praying the Rosary. So I went with my friend and his father to this place to pray the Rosary on that Saturday morning. As we were praying the Rosary, I could smell a strong scent of Roses and a little later someone else interrupted the Rosary to tell everyone else that they could smell Roses as well. Everyone there confirmed that they could also smell the scent of Roses. Whats amazing is that there were no Roses anywhere nearby. Also, after the Rosary prayer had ended, a little old lady had given me a photo to look at that she had taken a month earlier at this same location where the old Catholic Church once stood. She told me that if I looked at the clouds in the photo that I'd be able to see an image of the virgin Mary. I didn't see an image of the blessed Virgin Mary in the clouds. However, while I was holding that photo, 7 small black crosses in the same shape as Jesus' cross appeared on the photo. My friend also witnessed these crosses appear on this photo while I was holding it. When I tell this to others, many don't believe me. But at least my friend and I know the truth.

Julia    January, 07 2006 - Spokane, WA
A few years back, I was feeling dead and dry spiritually. I was trying to deepen and refresh my faith by different devotions, including regular recitation of the rosary. However, it felt more like a burden, and I was about to give it up. I prayed earnestly about it. The next Sunday at Church, I arrived early to recite it before mass. While reciting it, I was wrestling with the question of whether I should give up this devotion, and in fact all my devotions, feeling abandoned by God. As I turned the page to read about the next mystery, The priest began speaking, announcing it was Assumption Sunday (which I hadn't even known,) and then he went behind the altar as it wasn't time for Mass yet. I looked down on the page I had just turned, and it was the Assumption! The next morning, the TV was playing in the background, to the "Ellen Show." Jim Carrey was the guest, and he, of all people!, began talking about how at 10 years old he started praying the rosary and miracles happened in his life, and now he feels is life if divinely guided. OK, I got the message, continue praying the rosary! I stuck with it, and my faith has grown tremendously the last few years, and brought me such comfort and joy.

Andrea Nix    November, 22 2005 -
Our Rosary Miracle...It was a Friday night and I was praying the rosary. I prayed and asked Mary, Joseph, and Jesus to keep my daughter close to the faith and not allow her to go astray. I also prayed for a sign that I was on the right track as far as my life was going and the direction that I was headed in. While praying the rosary I fell asleep. As a result I dropped my rosary into the floor. In the morning my daughter found my rosary she picked it up and started to pray and as she was praying she heard a loud male voice! The voice said, "Mary is very proud of you for praying the rosary!" I was looking for my rosary and my husband told me that that our daughter found my rosary in the floor. I went back to her room to ask her where she placed my rosary. I asked where she put my rosary. My daughter said, " Mom can I ask you a question?" I replied, "Sure, what is it?" She told me about her experience earlier that morning and asked me who I thought was talking her. I replied, "It must be Jesus or God." She then asked me if Jesus or God had ever spoke to me. I replied, "No." She then further questioned me as to why not me but her? I replied, "Well, Jesus and God prefer to speak to the innocent who will listen." I then hugged and told her and told her how proud I was. Isn't this amazing? My daughters experience really inspired me. I find it so incredible how prayers are answered. This really renewed my faith in the power of prayer. The rosary is so powerful and comforting.

Mary Beth Paisley    November, 20 2005 - Michigan, USA
I was driving down my road and passed the home of a former friend with whom I had had a falling out. The Rosary CD was playing and I decided that Ishould get over our differences and try to make amends. Not that it had anything to do with our differences but some years ago I helped her to wash and dry several boxes of tea cups/saucers that had been willed to her. Knowing something about them I encouraged her to sell them to help pay off some bills. I was quite taken with one that was a fortune telling tea cup and I wished very much that she would offer it to me, but she never did. Having been very generous to both she and her family over the years I felt some resentment over that one thing. But nevertheless I thought I had best try to be friends again. Several hours later, I found the tea cup for $5 in a resale shop. I have never see one for sale before. It may seem a small thing, but it spoke volumes to me.

Dom    November, 15 2005 - Michigan, USA
I was reading your section on signal graces and something that recently happened to me came to mind. I had this huge history test on Friday consisting of 15 essay questions. The professor gave us all 15 questions but he said he would pick only five of them to test us on. So we had to study all 15 because we didn't know what questions would be asked. So I studied hard but the day before the test I knew I wasn't ready. I only knew 6 or 7 questions out of the 15. I have been praying the rosary for a while but that night before the test I prayed it asking God to intervene by calming me down and to take away some of the anxiety I had. And if it was His will to have the professor give me the questions I knew. So the day for the big test came and the professor was on the verge of giving out the questions and then all of a sudden a calmness came over me and I felt relaxed. Then the professor gave me my questions and to my surprise the 5 questions he asked me were the 5 questions I knew the best. Needless to say, I was in shock. I mean what are the odds of that happening. The Lord truly does hear us when we pray; that I am convinced of.

Jill    October, 25 2005 - New England
Last Spring I suffered a major clinical depression. At the time it was at it's worse, the Holy Father, Pope John Paul was passing. I watched with him and I cried and prayed for him. Now that would not be unusual except that I am not a Catholic and barely knew of him or his works, except that he was goodness itself. I have , however been a Christian since birth. When I saw St. Peter's Square overflowing with the faithful praying the Rosary, I said to my husband, a rough fisherman(insert Picture of Peter here!)"I need one of those. Please go get me a Rosary. As we had no idea where to get one, I bought one online and taught myself to say the Rosary. Within 3 months I was vastley better, my medicine, daily Rosary recitation! I knew that I had an invitation from the late Holy Father and Our Blessed Mother to join The Catholic Church. I wrote to a priest and am now in RCIA and my son is in Sacrements Class and will make his first communion also. God has never left me alone when I was in need and I thank Jesus for sharing his own mother with me! God Bless You, Jill

Rosario Diaz    August, 10 2005 - USA
Reading your stories just gave me the chills for this reason. I have been out of the Church for 15 years now. I was raised in a Catholic church but married out of the church with a man who is I could say anti-Catholic. We have attended various churches and I follow because of my husband but I'm beginning to see that I have to stand my ground and by beliefs. I yearn for the Eaucharist again but I know my husband will object the idea of taking our children to a catholic church. So I watch EWTN daily and just yesterday I prayed one decade of the Rosary and pleaded to God to show me if I was doing his will. Well, talking about signal graces: I have been missing a jar of spices for weeks now, and yesterday by husband asked me where I had found it. I said "found what?" "the jare of spices," he answered. He assures me and the kids that they did not find the jar and place it in its place. I surely did'nt. Who did? And now out of the blue I hit your site and read about signal graces! Glory be to God!! Rosario


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