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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

caro    September, 26 2014 -
I wanted to give my testimony & also ask a question. I have completed the 54 day rosary, but yet daily I am saying the rosary, mainly for the suceess of my exam, & my brothers marriage. I was asking mother mary to give me the sign of a red rose, i waited but i did not get for a couple of days. Then last week my friend gifted me roses in red, pink and yellow, i was so overjoyed, but i thought that this may not be the indication i was asking, mayb its a co-incidence, but to my suprise i went home and saw redroses in the vase at hom, i was thrilled, cuz mother mary cleared my doubt.
Yesterday I was sleeping and in my room I saw 2 butterflies, dey were there for a long time but I did not think of it as some indication. So is there a significance of the butterflies when I did not ask for a butterfly indication. And since i recieved the roses late, is it still an indication from mother mary, cause I have accepted it as one, no matter the timing
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Signal Graces are truly personal experiences, and when they occur there will be no doubt about their authenticity. It is advised not to read too much into any single event, as true Signal Graces happen on their own without any interference from our own preconceived notions.

a    September, 24 2014 -
this happened to me 4 years ago,i really did not know anything much about mother mary's promises i did not known anything about the signal graces and i rarely used to pray the rosary
on 15 august on the feast of aasumption i was in the church and the person whom i liked so much was present in the church i was so feeling bad that i am not worth of him and i cried so badly and wept in church without anybody seeing
i just went to mother mary there and kept my hand on her feet and just told her if this person whoom i love if he is gonna be mine then show me him for one more time as i was very sure all of them had left the church to their houses.I did not want to see him again as i will be hurt if he is not mine.
I prayed to mother mary that if he is mine show me that person now and if he is not mine never show me this person in mylife
i came down from the church was seated on the steps waiting for my dad to pick me
very next second i saw the person whom i liked walking infront of me
that was the very first incident which changed my life
As it was closely impossible that he will come back to church that moment.
praise you lord

Dulani    September, 23 2014 - Sri Lanka
May the Blessings of Lord Jesus and the Love of our dearest Mother Mary be with you...
Currently I'm on my 02nd continues 54 days rosary novena. I started the Rosary novena to ask for the reconciliation of Me & My Lover. But day by day the depression was becoming higher and at the moment also he is not ready to give a second chance. Once I asked mother Mary to show me a sign if he is my soul mate. The sign i prayed for was a butterfly. Next day I went on shopping with my sister and while we were at the cashier , one big butterfly was flying and making circles on the glass wall from outside. In a concrete based town that much bigger butterflies are unusual. I got shocked and cried on my way home. " She is listening to me". Every time when I feel to give up she sends me flowers of hopes through the signal graces. Still I didn't get my petition and I am now to give up.
But I must tell you about the miracles she did in my family. My father who works abroad got a unexpected salary increment. My sister got a great job in a bank with a good salary which usually a school leaver don't get. And everything else is wonderful in my life now. May be my lover is not meant to be my life partner or May be Lord is waiting for the best time to make us together again. Because lord always have best timing than us . My request for you is don't ever give up on praying. You might not receive what you want, but have faith. BECAUSE LORD GAVE US THIS LIFE AND HE KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR US. JUST LET HIM DECIDE AND WAIT. That is what I learned from my endless close relationship with our lovely Mother of Jesus.
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Butterflies are very symbolic of "change". This is because a caterpillar starts out crawling on the ground before they undergo their necessary change to reach their full potential as a beautiful butterfly. This may or may not add meaning to your story.

Someone who was in d    September, 12 2014 - USA
Reading previous story, touches me, I'd like to share mine which is very similar in some way. Years ago, I was in an emotional and financial distress for quite a while, then I met someone during his travel to my town which is his hometown. We started dating for a limited of time while he was there. Meeting him, all my distress seemed to be much lighter simply becasuse I felt loved. He told me he was in a serious relationship for years with someone, got engaged, and is still living with that person in the same house, but they recently broke up due to a lot of conflicts, though he can't affort to move out until he graduate his B.A degree in a year from then. Little did I know about him, I trusted him right away, we rushed into a long distant relationship (LDR). Since he was working with minimum pay while being full time student, I flew to him once a few months, always had great time together. Though, during those 2 years of LDR, there were countless of emotional rollercoasters, mental depress, I constantly had doutful thoughts and anxietlies over the feeling that he might have been cheating on his feance' with me.The LDR was so unheathly for me due to those constant fears and doubts. My live was all about him, I took less care of myself and got sick very often caused by those negative thoughts. I started and finished 2 of the 54-day Rosary Novenas and 1 Novena to St Joseph for our LDR to lead to marriage someday. To be clear, at the end of EACH novena, we suddenly had conflict and he broke up with me, but then he got back to me after weeks. I was so lonely plus extra weight from my financial distress, I clinged onto him, I tried to trust him, and always agreed to comeback after each break up. I still keep my daily Rosary. Then there was a day, I thought it through, and I decided to break up with him. The feeling I had was a relief of a burden on my shoulder. It's been months since then, I'm living a healthy life, taking much better care of myself, working harder and focusing on paying my credit card debt, having great progress by now!
I now see that Blessed Mother saw all my sorrows while being with this person in our LDR, so She wanted to end our relationship not once, but thrice, it was just me who clinged onto him! But She still cares for me and gives me peaceful and possitive thoughts when our relationship finally ended for good! Everyone, please trust Jesus, Mother Mary, and St Joseph, if They hint to you that something should end, that means it is bad for us, please trust Them and let it go, because I full heartedly believe that IF THEY WANT SOMETHING GOOD TO BE IN OUR LIVE, THEY WILL BRING IT TO US IN ALL WAYS.

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