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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

lucky    September, 24 2016 - Xxx
Praise the Lord . I'm seriously glad to write my testimony here today . Signal grace that I've received this evening .. I'm here on my 52nd novena prayer and my prayers had been answered..! My petition is all about my ex that he should get good job and though he should turn responsible and accept me and my love after all we have been broke up .. Mother Mary , queen of rosery have prayed for me and now as I've prayed.. My guy got a good job and though we have got back again after a lot of struggle this evening .! I Thank you mother Mary for your love and care ..! Yu have given me opportunity to write my testimony here .! Please whomever reads this never leave hop never stop saying rosery ..! Novena prayer are the powerful to bring your petition true .. Queen of rosery .. My mother Mary I thank yu always -amen

Kristin787    September, 20 2016 -
I am a Rosary devotee and pray in a Rosary group regularly. I was in search of a used car. I have been to many car dealers and car lots and the cars I saw had problems with brakes, possible body damages, etc. I was feeling hopeless after I left the car lot and decided to go to mass at Our Lady of Assumption church. I prayed to our lady after mass, and when I went outside, I had this impression like Mother Mary was speaking to me to go to this dealership for a certain car. I followed up and went to the dealership and found the right car. A friend of mine who saw the car could not believe the car was in such good condition and had low mileage. On the day of the Feast of our Lady of Assumption, August 15, I bought and took home the car. Thank you Mother Mary for the clear signs. Keep praying the Rosary.

Maryanka    September, 19 2016 - Texas USA
I am on day 25 of my most recent 54 Day Rosary Novena. This time I listed my intentions at the top of the page where I keep track of which day I am on. Already 2 of my intentions have been fulfilled. I am so amazed by Our Lord's mercy and love. The most recent answered prayer is I have been having very poor vision in my right eye. It was very upsetting as I had cataract surgery in both eyes 2 years ago. I felt that the blessing given to me 2 years ago by Jesus was being taken away from me. But when I would start to think that way I would remind myself that the devil might want me to think that, but Jesus will never give a gift and then take it away. I thought the blurriness in my vision might be due to posterior vitreous detachment, diagnosed in that eye just over a year ago. But it wasn't getting any better. I finally went to my eye doctor a few days ago, very afraid he would say I had a detached or torn retina. But he diagnosed posterior capsule opacity in both eyes instead, the right eye being worse than the left. This is something that sometimes happens after cataract surgery and it is easily repaired with a painless laser procedure. The doctor fixed my eye right there in his office within 5 minutes of diagnosis. I walked out of there feeling like I was floating on a cloud of Love. My vision in that eye is now very good. I am scheduled to have the other eye fixed in 3 weeks. My "good eye" is now my bad eye. Thank you Mother Mary and dear sweet Jesus. Also St. Joseph, St. Pio and St. Mother Teresa as I prayed to them also for healing of my eye. I look at the other petitions on my list and doubt and worry is slowly being replaced by a sense of trust and hope. I worried about my eye needlessly for 6 months. I have worried about so many things all my life and this has been a particularly rough year. But I have started keeping a list of things I worried about needlessly. Already 7 things on that list and that is just for this year only. Keep praying the rosary and try not to give in to doubt and fear, those are just tools of the devil to derail you. Remember, if the devil wants to derail you, you must be on the right track !! Trust Jesus. He loves you.

Veronica Tini    September, 06 2016 - Indonesia
I'm praying my 4th 54 days novena and it is day 45. I feel abandoned by God and Mother Mary. It is just like i'm fighting my problem alone. I feel it is no use to pray the rosary. I feel really chaos this several days. I can't focus on my work. But now,right now when i'm typing this story i feel really relaxed and calm. It is because Mother Mary has sent me roses this morning through my community's whats app group. I don't know how,but after i've seen the roses picture i feel relieved. Suddenly in my mind i know that i'm not alone fighting this life problem. Thank you God and Mother Mary.

Jade    August, 30 2016 -
There's another testimony I wanted to add. It's an ongoing process of deliverance, but I feel it's necessary to speak about it.

I have always had problems with demons for most of my life. I was a neglected child, and those types of children are targets for Satan to possess. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was 12, for hearing demonic voices. The attacks didn't really stop, though; I have been raped at night, have had nightmares and sleep paralysis, bruises on my legs, felt cold presences sexually molest me, for most of my life. Because of the demonic influences, I lived a very sinful life growing up, practically 24/7 on the internet. It wasn't until I started seeing apparitions of Jesus, Mary, and Saint Michael and other angels did things begin to change. I was introduced to the Rosary by finding a Rosary of my grandmother's. It took a while for me to be able to say it without demons stopping me interiorly, but once I began to say it more and more, their presences began to leave and I have felt them leave my body. I just never wanted to give up on it, and Mary has helped me tremendously. I see her apparition all the time, helping me against the demons. I haven't been able to reach an exorcist priest, so material-world speaking I've been solo but I have had a lot of help from heaven. The devil hates the Rosary, more than I can say. It's why you have to keep praying it. He and his minions always try to stop me from saying it. Though there have been some days I didn't say it, I still haven't given up and things are much better than they were before. It's a process. Deliverance takes time, especially without a reliable exorcist priest but the Rosary and the Chaplet of Saint Michael have done wonders. I don't meditate on the mysteries very well yet, but I just listen to what St. Louis de Montfort said about saying the Rosary. Even when there are many distractions, just keep trying to focus and keep praying the Rosary. You won't regret it.

I'm converting from Protestantism to Catholicism starting this September. Please pray for me :)

Franzeska    August, 30 2016 -
I want to share the grace and miracle from rosary prayer. I was diagnosed with Major Placenta Previa while i was pregnant. I went to see 2 doctors and said will be happened a severe bleeding and perhaps having a premature baby. This one cannot be prevented and even having a bed rest still can be happened. I being told by my sister to pray to Mother Mary and pray for Rosary. I prayed faithfully everyday and ask Mother Mary to give me a sign if my prayer being heard. I experienced a little bleeding on one day and go to L&D for monitoring and i saw the nurse name was Mary, its mean my prayer being heard. After that i can discharge and continue to my own activity. I cannot believe how Much is Mother Mary grace to us, i can go through the whole pregnancy without having a severe bleeding and go through the C section, my doctor quite surprise i can go through the pregnancy without experienced a severe bleeding. eventhough in the C section i lost much blood but i believe Jesus and Mother Mary will help me. I thank God and Mother Mary so me and my baby are safe, health and sound. How great is our GodO

Anonymous M    August, 29 2016 - Texas USA
Another UPDATE - I promised Jesus that if my husband's stolen wallet would be returned to us I would go to mass (I pray rosary every day, but it has been a while since I've been to mass). Then we got the call that the wallet had been found by someone, but the person wanted to deliver it to my husband personally and never came back (see my story from last week previously posted here). This was stressful and upsetting, but I felt it was more of the devil's tricks, trying to stop me from going to mass. So I told Jesus that I would go to mass as I had promised, whether or not we got the wallet back. I kept my promise and went to the Saturday evening vigil mass, even though the wallet had still not been returned. When I got home that evening, I checked the mailbox and found that my husband's wallet had been mailed back to us !! The person who had it was the person who initially found it. I can't explain why he held onto it and failed to turn it in the store's customer service desk or why he did not attempt to call or locate us for 2 weeks, but in the end he did the right thing and mailed it back. The best part of the story is all of my husband's IDs are still in the wallet and the man even returned the money. He only used $2 of the money for postage. So the signal grace of the hearts (see previous post) was true. All is well. Thank you sweet Jesus. And thank you for leading me back to church.

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