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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Bella    October, 18 2016 -
I got a boyfriend

After 12 years of pain and loneliness and desperation and tears I finally got a perfect very handsome, physically fit and soft n character beautiful man.

I finished my 54 day rosary novenna ( just one novenna)
and he came straight to my home himself. I didn't loose my time dating online, going to clubs etc. to meet men. I just prayed the rosary. And he came himself to my home.
Exactly how I imagined - that my guy, my future husband has to come to my home - himself .

I am very happy woman now and encourage everybody to pray rosary

God Bless all of you

Blessed be Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary

Pramila Annet Fernan    October, 16 2016 - India
All Praises to My Mother and her Divine Son Jesus Christ The King. Few days back I shared my small story that why I started this novena. Its to get one boy as my husband whom I love the most. Its like Mother Mary was giving her blessings with every Rosary. But I fell like I did one stupidity today. And it just killed me for a moment. Today I just put the DP in watsapp what this boy had put. Its quote not his pic. But still I don't know what went wrong after few hours when i checked this boy have blocked me.OMG. My heart came to my mouth. I was so upset. I was returning from airport since i went to drop my brother. To confirm again I sent one video to him it was not going. I seriously dint know what to do. Sat in car and just remembered my Mother Mary and Jesus Christ and said 10 Memorare to Mother Mary. Believe me all of you i think when i was praying this boy have unblocked me. Meanwhile my one friend texted me asking whats the matter. I told her you just block me for 10 minutes i just want to see how it shows when someone blocks. She said ok and exited and blocked me. But before checking her i just went again to check this boys profile and unbelievable he had unblocked me by that time. I was soooooooooooo happy. I really dont have any words. My Virgin Beloved Adorable Heavenly Mother Queen of Queens had chaged his mind and unblocked me. Awesome. I love You Mother. Trust me all of you even i loose my faith while praying but still i never give up. I try. And see how Mother Mary Helps. I am thankful today to Mother Mary that she chose me to give witness today here. Never give up. Our Mother is with us always. Hail Mary..I Love You.

Chidalu    October, 11 2016 - Philippines
Praise be to our God and honor to the best mother,Virginia Mary. So excited, I got my signal graces yesterday and this morning. Very hopeful that my kids will excel in the second periodical test which starts today and our family reunion next year.
My friends, our Mother Mary is a promise keeper. Hold unto Her tightly. Pray the Rosary for it is our rescue from problems . Thanks my Mother Mary.

Chidalu    October, 11 2016 - Philippines
Glory to Jesus and honor to Mother Mary. I was desperately worried of my son's performance in his weekly test. These weekly tests are part of the overall assessment at the end of the session. My request was heard through the intercession of Mother in the Holy Rosary.
I will come back to testify of others once my requests are granted. Thanks Mama Mary.

Marion    October, 10 2016 - Uganda
Today i am very thankful to God and Mother Mary.i was desperately looking to change career and get a new job since 2014.i applied every where but i couldnot get even on the shortlist.i had heard about the 54 day rosary Novenna in 2012 but had never really prayed it.on 15th August 2016(Assumption Day), i started the 54 Day Rosary Novenna.on 29/08/2016,i was invited for written interviews.we were over 2500 but i succesful.o 9/09/2016 i was invited for another set of written interviews.we 450 and i was still sucessful.on 27/09/2016,i was invited for oral interviews.we were 202 applicants and they needed only 50 of us and i was successful.Iwas called on 7/10/2016,i had got the Job and that was the last day of my 54 day Rosary Novenna.i went for a briefing on 9/10/2016 and will be reporting to work on 31/10/2016. This has been a miracle to me.

deepa    October, 10 2016 -
I was suffering from a problem for the past one year at work it had 4 parts , 3 parts got sorted out and I have sent my testimony after each part
and was waiting for the final and main part to solve I was praying the rosary everyday to mother mary and novena on tuesday to st anthony and had visited doornahalli where st anthonys shrine is
for thanksgiving due to another answerd prayer and had prayed for this request as well and finally it got sorted on last week of last month,
I had sleepless nights for one year and lots of fear and tension at the end I started claiming the promise that god fights the battle for me as one person was trying to put
the blame completely on me and was always reminding me of the problem and consequences he is very strong and smart in manipulating things , I was very negative about the consequences related to my work, but thank god it sorted out well..the deadline for this is till few months beginning next year
thankyou mother mary and st anthony for interceding for me and giving me peace in advance I used to put chits and ask mother mary to help me pick the right chit relating to when and how my problem will solve and it worked out in this case which I take it as a signal grace and whenever I used to worry about this I used to seea rose. pls continue to pray the rosary
thank you god/jesus/mother mary and st anthony..

Pramila Annet Fernan    October, 09 2016 - India
I started my rosary novena 14 days back for the special intention. I am liking one boy and his proposal also had come to me. But till today I couldn't figure it out what's causing us that we both away from each other. Well i seriously don't know about him but silently i love him lot. I did all possible prayer in my life but just lost hope at the end. I had madness of searching for powerfull prayer so that i can sort out our problems. I got many times this 54 day rosary novena in my search but in my mind I got only one thing that such a long rosary who will pray alone. Trust me friends whenever i got this novena details in my search i just used to skip it. But one day i dont know just opened it got the points in my mind and just started the rosary novena. Starting 9 days only with bread and water. And then continued by skipping food from 7.45 am to 7.45pm. Only water in between. Last week my schedule was very busy with office work i always used miss this boy. He will be in one place in the evening with his uncle since they are dealing with business and somehow i used to adjust the time and run from office to see his one glence. But last week just missed him. And then saturday came and since it is Dasara season our office is closed for 3 days so when i was praying rosary in adoration monastery i was crying and asking Mother Mary tell me mother how to spend these 3 days without seing him. I finished my prayer left from there and waiting for bus in bus stand this guy came its like he was adjusting himself to see me. However i just turned my face to opposit direction and continued to search for bus for me. I really don't have much guts to stare at him directly and its really hurts if I see him ignoring me so before he does so I only take off my eyes from him so that at least in my heart one feeling will remain that he was seeing me. However he left from there and i got my bus since my bus was behind his vehicle when it stoped in next stop he got down from his vehicle and from my bus i could c him properly. Its like Mother Mary was telling me that My crazy child your guy is front of you scan him properly and keep him in your eyes and heart for 3 days so that you dont miss him. And yes i scaned him and still i remember his dress his expression etc. I know this is just begining and much more is there to come. Thank You Mother Mary and Jesus the King for showing so much love on me. I Love You Both. Praise The Lord Almighty. Amen

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