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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Eden    September, 03 2015 - Philippines
Hi everyone, I also want to share my story about rosary. When I was young my mother thought me to believe in Mary and rosary because when she was younger she used to pray rosary everytime and she said, it really helps her. When I started to pray rosary some of my prayers were granted. Way back to my 2nd year college.Since I am a fine art student, i was so busy doing my plate (ART PROJECT) but I'm still working on it on the said deadline so I was so helpless and thinking that i may be failed to this project (final exam plate) and if i will fail i'll repeat this subject. While working, i didnt noticed that its time to go to school because i have another final exam from my minor subject which is Logic.So im packing up my things included my plate and I was so nervous. I was crying because its already 12 noon and our exam starts also 12 noon. I am so depressed and hopeless that day but I never forgot to carry my rosary. I prayed while crying. We're already near my school but it was traffic and I really wanted to run to my school but i cant do anything so i just wait. when I was about to go to my classroom, I have this mix feeling (nervous,depress, my heart beating so fast)and it was already 12:30 And then when I enter the room I was so shocked.When I enter, the exam havent started and I was so lucky and reliefed. After our exam, our prof was mad in our class because we didnt attend the morning class which was his subject and we need to pass a plate (womans photography) but I didnt take any picture and again I felt nervous at that time so my classmates had nothing also so we took pictures outside the school and then already passed it to my prof and again I thank mama mary and Jesus for that. I went to my last subject which was illustration (im still working on my art project at that tym). Im so depressed because i didnt finish it but when our prof enter our room, he then suddenly said "you may finish ur artwork and pass at the end of our subject". i was so surprised from his announcement and I did finish it and I was luckily able to get 1.25 on that project!.Thank u Mama Mary and of course My Lord Jesus Christ. And i still have so many stories about rosary. ( womans photography was a contest and I got the first place and received a checked of 2,500 pesos) God is so Good as well Mama Mary. Thanks to rosary.

ann mary    August, 30 2015 - sharjah
My son din score well last term and he has hard time making friends. I startedthe 54_day_ rosary novena today as his classes started today. I am very confident I will excpect a miracle soon as mother Mary never abandons her children through rosary.

m.    August, 28 2015 -
Hi i wanted to share my testinomial like many others to glorify god.last year my husband and i had to cut all communications with another couple who were very close to us.truthfully they were more like siblings from different mothers.although i have lived in 5 different countries i had never met people who were so hospitable,generous and helpfulto gratitude we were the same towards us.because of some misunderstandings we decided last year that we would severe all communications with husband specially reached a point where he didnt want anything to do with them.he harboured resentment towards themfor 10 months.and then one day we came home from work and told me that he saw the wife who stopped her car at the lights too and he waved at her.i really thought what would come out of his mouth after that would be something that i should expect....but instead he said that the wife's face lit up and she waved at him and she had such a beaming smile on her after we stopped talking to that couple i started a 54 day rosary novena to ask him that if ever i bump into them one day and we greet each other to make them say to me that the decision that we made was for the best and for everyone's peace of mind.although that has not happened yet i feel that mary has given me an indication that that is most probably what that couple must be thinking.if it was the opposite my husband would have seen resentment on that girl's face.since then my husband have seen her on the street 6 times in total and she would always wave and honk and give him a wide smile.the reason for which i did the novena was for me to have peace of mind and to hear my friendstell me that our decision was for the best would have been an indication that there was no grudge.but mother mary did put my mind at rest by making my husband put his resentment aside and wave at our friend.but the most important thing for me was my friends reaction and for that i am utterly grateful.i believe the time hasnt come yet to meet them face to face buf i do have my peace of mind.thank you mary and jesus for your miracles.i am forever grateful.

Kavitha    August, 26 2015 - India
Thank You,God.
Thank You,Mother Mary.
Thank You sweet mother for your divine intercession.Thank You for giving me a chance to study medicine in a good medical school.It came to me unexpectedly when I considered myself unworthy of it,when I was so depressed.It was not that easy.I had prayed three sets of 54 days rosary novena continously.Dear friends,the power of rosary never fails.Our mother always hears us.It's just that it takes some time,the right time. Lot of people said,"you can't and you won't" and all that stuff.But God did not let me down completely.
Praise you,Jesus.
Thank You,Mother Mary.

Maryanka    August, 25 2015 - Texas USA
I have had another flare up of gastritis and acid reflux and am in the midst of praying a second consecutive 54 day Rosary Novena. About midway in the Novena is when I started to have digestive issues. Recently, while scrolling through Facebook I happened to see an "ad" for a FB page devoted to St. Pio (Padre Pio). I had not really thought of him in a while. But, I felt compelled to research him and found, much to my surprise, that one ailment that caused him much suffering was gastritis. At least the information I was reading said so. Since that day I have been actively researching and reading about Padre Pio and praying to him, Mary, Jesus, Joseph (and any one who will listen)for healing of this ailment and other issues. About 2 weeks ago I remembered that I had an unopened box of Prilosec in my medicine cabinet. That medication helps reduce stomach acid, but I have heard that kind of medicine can be bad if used for too long and also the one time I took it for acid reflux it didn't seem to help all that much. I didn't know whether to take it or not and said a silent prayer to Padre Pio asking if I should take it. I didn't get a response :) so I decided that anything that reduced the acid would be good. So, still talking to Padre Pio (no one else at home at the time to talk to, so why not?) and trying to get the pill out of the pill pack, when suddenly the little blue pill popped out and landed in a sink full of soapy water and dirty dishes. I got my answer. Okay, Padre Pio, I said, I won't take the Prilosec. The gastritis and acid reflux is slowly healing and I have discovered that if I eat even the tiniest bit of wheat it flares up. Never knew that before. So, I lost wheat, but at the same time found 2 other foods that I can eat. That is what usually happens, I lose a food, but gain 2 foods. I feel that Padre Pio and the Blessed Mother are working together to help me. The power of the rosary is the life and presence of Jesus in the mysteries and also the power of a mother's love.

Valerian    August, 24 2015 - Mumbai, India
Just a few days back I had posted about the misery I was facing in my Business with my Friend & Business Partner quitting & my Company Registration stranded, and everything fallen apart, than I testified after continuously praying the Rosary for 1 & almost a half day the dream I seen as a signal grace from our Blessed Mother Mary.

17th August my friend & Business Partner quit that same evening I started praying the rosary continuously for her return, 18th August night I seen the dream as I testified below as a signal grace.

And Today 24th August I am happy to testify after so many days of Praying the Rosaries that my Friend & Business Partner has returned back to our Business, She agreed to register the Company & I just paid Rs 5000 INR for the registration to complete, God United me with her once again

I Thank You God, Jesus, Holy Spirit & Our Blessed Mother Mary for her Powerful Intercession... Amen

No matter how difficult your Problem is Pray the Rosary with full faith & Don't Give Up & your Problem will be solved Miraculously.

Valerian    August, 19 2015 - Mumbai, India
I have a Social Media Marketing Company in Partnership with My friend who is also my Business Partner but 3 days ago she backed out of our Business Partnership because of many problems which we were facing & our company registration is also held up for Rs 5000 INR which she is not willing to let me pay because she did not want to continue & I started to pray the rosary continuously for her to return, I also thought of asking Mother Mary for a signal grace but I said let it be
I won't ask for a signal grace so soon, however Yesterday Night in my dream I saw that my friend & Business Partner is come to office and we are
working together again & Miraculous she herself takes out Rs 5000 INR and gives me to complete the registration of our Company, I was so happy when I woke up &
confident of my prayers going to get an answer soon, Pray the Rosary with full faith & be astonished at the Miracles that take place...

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