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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Madu Paschal    July, 13 2015 - Nigeria
I have witnessed so many things since I started saying the Rosary and the most marvelling of them all was the healing of a little child of about few months old.
The father of the child was a friend of mine so it happened to be that I went to see him and he told me about his sick child. On getting home, the next day I went and bought new children chaplet, took to a Priest who blessed it and in the evening I visited that friend of mine again, used the chaplet now to make sign of the cross before the child after which I put the chaplet on the neck of the child believing within me that miracle will happen. The next day the father told me that they slept well and that the child has regained good health. This happened around end of 2012/ beginning of 2013. I have also experienced some wonder before the Blessed Sacrament. All this things are real and tends to happe in our lives everyday. Help me to praise the name of the Lord and of His mother Mary.

Lisa B.    July, 09 2015 - California,USA
Prayer answered thru intercession of the QUEEN OF THE MOST HOLY ROSARY, when my son did not sign up for an active duty military career. After, few days of praying 54 Days of Rosary Novena. Thank you Father God, Jesus, Mother Mary, all angels and saints . Pls help me pray for the restoration of my marriage, its been a challenge for the whole family. Im sending my fervent prayers for all personal intentions dear in your heart. May you continue to blessed by God

Lilian    July, 09 2015 - Texas USA
The Lord has been good & kind to me. he has treaded with me all through my life. At one time i was really desperate for ajob .i prayed to the Lord and receited the rosary regularly . I asked the lord to giv asign if he has heard my prayer. well one afternoon i was sitting in my car ad i asked the lord to give me asign if he had heeard my prayer. the parking lot was quie but all of a sudden i had some lovely music being played and it went for about aminute or so. a few days later i received aphone call from the comapany i really wanted towork for evertything went on smoothly and i have been successful at this company . i thank god for he has always heard my prayers inspite of my sins. I thank him and ask him to give me his grace that I may never ever forget his holy & mighty name even when he clads me in gold and silver. Thanks to God & mother Mary who interceded for me and we have found a nice place to live that we were looking for thank you God for the health of my family. Please lets always thank God and ask blessed Mary ever virgin to intercede for us. Thank you Jesus, Praise you Jesus.

gail    July, 08 2015 - South Africa
The testimonials are so beautiful and wonderful.Dear Mary your wonderful testimony had me laughing you have a wonderful sense of humor. I often say that God has a sense of humor. About 7 years ago I said the rosary for 5 days before going to an interview and I got the job. If the whole world prayed the rosary together just once we would be rid of all evil including hunger. May our Lord bless us all and may our Blessed, Beloved Mother guide us in our prayers. Gail

Annmaria    July, 07 2015 -
hi , i had told three of my friends to start reciting the 54 day miracle novena. Today morning one of my best friends just called to say that she is overjoyed that shes FINALLY pregnant after several complications . shes not christian but she had prayed to mother mary and jesus after i suggested. Another one of my friends who was not keeping in touch with me suddenly messaged and talked a long time just like the older days when we used to be the best of made me happy that she made an attempt to keep in touch .Infact i had prayed while reading the testimonies on this site that i hope mine and this particular friends friendship be restored . Most of the times that i start to say the rosary something or the other would distract me or make me feel lazy to recite it. I say even if you are unable to concentrate you should push through and continue to pray.G

Annmaria    July, 06 2015 -
In 2012 i was very upset and i was reciting the memorare on the beads of the rosary in my office. It was a research lab.Then i realised a very heavy perfume smell coming from the cross on my rosary , i thought it must be made of sandalwood or must have been perfumed and wondered why i never noticed it before . later that evening i told my brother to smell it .. he said i must be imagining it... and this is not a perfumed rosary. I was baffled,, at that time i was nt even aware of signal graces. Anyway the next day and the following days... there was this smell coming when i prayed . i searched nearby offices to see who is putting airfreshner. It was a heavy musky incense or frankincense smell .. then i thought to myself i have never even smelt frankincence why would i even feel this is that smell. it had a lot of power sort of dizzying effect.. it was a very sweet smell but it was something which i cant describe and i have never smelled before. i ran to two of my catholic colleagues when i realised my hands were also the source of this smell. i wanted to know i was not hallucinating... they were very happy and told this is the smell in churches when they smoke the incense. i was happy excited and i was very sure mother mary would intercede for me. i had been searching for a suitable lifepartner since i turned 22 however im 27 now and im still single. i received several signal graces to keep me going and not to loose hope and god will show me the one he has kept away just for me . i have had several failed relationships and im sad though i try my best to be happy . i have started my 54 day miracle novena thats when i came across this site. i read all the testimonies and i praise and thank god for all the answered prayers. My prayers have not yet been answered.. sometimes it takes time and may not be the same for everyone but praying the rosary definitely will push you through the hard times of life. Another experience was when i was reading the testimonies as soon as i thought of some incidents that took place some one else would be writing a strikingly similar testimony on the next page . for example..i had an experience.....once when i was sleeping i felt something or someone trying to choke me i couldnt breathe, it was soo dark and then i waved the rosary thrice and suddenly i was free and like i got my life back.. i woke up suddenly... to realise it was just a dream or a nightmare and it was 9 am and a sunny morning when my eyes opened !!! After i just thought about this...i noticed someone had written a very similar incident . Another example was i was sure my headsets rubber beading was missing after searching a lot i found it was back in its place,i was just wondering heyy how did i find it ... two days later.... the funny part is i reached a testimony page where someone else wrote a similar testimony regarding headsets rubber beading going missing and finding it!!! A third example was i suddenly thought about making a rosary with a light thin gold cross or gold beads suddenly i read three testimonies where gold or golden beads or gold chain with gold cross is mentioned ..... i then decided i must also write about the signal graces i recieved to encourage others . These days pictures of red roses and pink and yellow and white roses seem to just jump at me in church or in facebook ......but my prayers are still unanswered in my hopes of getting married. Twice before when i felt i found the one , my rosary ended up broken and once unknotted and both those cases did not work out. i feel tired and depressed at times because it seems like a never ending cycle of meeting guys and beaking up over the last 7 years...even though it was for the right intention of marrying and starting a family.. i pray mother mary restores my joy and answers my prayers.

Brigit    July, 02 2015 - Kenya
Im so happy foe you flo, in deed mama maria answers our prayers, God willing im finishing campus in august and its also a blessing to be alive, i always pray the rosary and i know that mama will intercede for me to her most blessed son so that he wil bless me with a job when im done with campus. I love you mama, i love you Jesus.

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