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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Neelima Sunil    February, 06 2016 - India
Just now I was struggling to recharge internet in my phone. I needed it badly because I have to go through video lectures for my exam on Monday. I tried many times but everytime it resulted in unsuccessfull recharge.Then I prayed to mama Mary and promised that I will give testimony in this site if she helped me. After this my recharge went well and I got net connection. Thank u mama Mary. Thank u Jesus.

Ifeanyi    January, 31 2016 - Nigeria
Ever since I was dedicated and consistent with praying the rosary I observed my bad habits has stopped. The rosary transformed my consciousness to divine virtues. I have peace of mind when I am with mother Mary through the Rosary. I have finished my 54 day Rosary Novena on 18th of January but I still pray the rosary daily. I believe Mother Mary have answered my prayer request after the Novena, I am expecting the outer manifestation because I believe she has done it for me. Everyone should be consistent with rosary because it trasmute negative vibration in human consciousness to divine, mother Mary told me that every saints in heaven that bears the omega light in polarity respond to the call of hail Mary.

Peter    January, 11 2016 - Philippines
Mother Mary have always helped me everytime I needed her aid, like many times that I cannot recall all. It is not my first time to share my stories here, I've been on a challenge that I stopped praying the rosary; but Mother would call me by any means, even if it is to give my a challenge.

I cannot find where I have putted my receipt for claiming my passport (it was inside a clearbook), I looked for every place in our house where documents are on. That receipt is very important and needed as I cannot afford to fall in line again at wee hours and sacrifice meals just to get another passport when it was lost. I was very very nervous but at the same time relieved because I know how much powerful the rosary is. So I humbly submitted my self even though I felt not worthy. One saturday, I prayed the rosary on the morning, and then again on the evening asking Mary with also the help of St. Anthony of Padua (founder of the lost articles) to please help me find it and I can find it I will share it here. The following day, Sunday, I asked my cousin if has she ever seen a clearbook, she said that she have kept a clearbook under our center table (which I have done looking for and found nothing), and when I looked there again, I found the clearbook where my receipt is putted.

Keep up the faith guys|! God bless us all and Mary loves us all.!

Raphael T.K.    January, 04 2016 - HKSAR, China
My elder brother and sister-in-law have recently quarreled about the matters of caring for their lovely son (my nephew) almost 1 year old. They were subjective on their respective ways to keep baby healthy. Both of them were busy with work and maybe under stress they lost temper. I prayed 5 decades for their harmony and also prayed for that when attending a Mass. Not long later they took their baby to visit many places to enjoy family days. Couple relationship improves now. Thank you, Mother Mary and Lord Jesus.

Dave Wood    December, 31 2015 - Colorado Springs, CO
During the financial crisis, 2008-2012 I was a CEO of a small community bank. When the financial crisis hit, our bank was five years young. I prayed the Rosary daily for Mother Mary's help in guiding the decisions I needed to make in order for the bank to survive the collapse. I asked Mary to keep me safe and the bank safe and protected by her Mantle. Not only did the bank survive...we prospered; more than doubled in size, always profitable with our stock price at 110% of book value when other bank stocks were trading at 25% or less of book value. I prayed my Rosary daily in front of the Blessed Sacrament...a daily one hour devotion. Bank regulators marveled...could not believe our success...and would ask how we became so successful when so many were and had failed. I let them know we were protected by Mother Mary. The wisdom and insight Mother Mary gave me in the decisions I had to make were always 100% + correct. Mother Mary and her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, saved this institution and all the employees and their families from financial destruction.

Maryanka    December, 29 2015 - Texas USA
I have been looking for a missing earring for several weeks, I had taken both earrings off when I took a nap and placed them on the nightstand next to my bed. But later when I thought to put the earrings up in a safer place I could only find one. I looked all around the nightstand and under the bed but couldn't find it. Last night I felt restless and was unable to sleep, then realized I had forgotten to pray my rosary for the day. I keep a rosary in a small ceramic hinged box on my nightstand. I got the rosary out of the box n the dark and lay back in bed. As I was about to start praying I felt a larger bead with an unusual shape and knew immediately by the shape of the bead it was my missing earring. It was attached to my rosary. Sometimes I lay the rosary down on the nightstand instead of putting it back in the box. At some point, when I put the rosary back in the box, the earring must have been picked up by the bead chain. I can reason it away, but last night when I was needing reassurance and comfort, a sign of Mother Mary's love, it felt as if she had let me know she was near by finding my missing earring for me. And isn't it interesting that I found it when I got my rosary out to pray. That seems a clear message to me. Pray the Rosary. Seek and ye shall find.

Ezimuo Patrick    December, 23 2015 - Lagos, Nigeria
I am glad to be a part of this community of prayers and to be encouraged by sharing experiences. Thanks to Mary.

I have received many miracles through the Holy Rosary devotion, the most important, to me, being the miracle of conversion which I experienced in my own personal life. Mary granted me this grace even when I did not know her. How this happened is a long story which I will save for another day.

I will, however, narrate one here which is really outstanding in its lessons.
When I was in the university, I was a promoter of the St. Louis de Montfort's Devotion and Consecration to Mary. We normally organised the 33-days preparatory class for the Total Consecration for new members each year and I had always championed the course of the class in the Chaplaincy. In 2013, during the course of the class as usual, a certain young man joined us. He always disputed everything we taught in the class about Mary. He was aggressive towards everyone, especially myself. I later learnt that he has a little mental disorder. His presence in the class was more of trouble and distractions that I had to beg him to stop coming but he refused. This lingered for days and one day he threatened to beat me up after the class when we had gone out of the Church. At this point I couldn't bear it any more. After the class that day, I ran to Our Lady in her grotto in the Church with tears. I reported the guy to her and asked her to please remove him from our midst. I told Mary how he had threatened me with a fight. Like a child who can not fight for himself, I ran to my mother Mary for defence and protection for myself and for her entire children in the class. I offered her 5-decades of the Rosary for these intentions and left. The next day the guy did not show up in the class. Same with the second day. He came on the third day but remained silent throughout the class without uttering a word as before to the astonishment of everyone in the class. That was the last time I ever saw him in the class till the whole 33-days ended and we had a peaceful consecration. Though we met outside the Church severally, he had never for once confronted me as he had threatened.
Indeed, ''All who run to Mary are saved.'' - St. Bonaventure.

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