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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

John    June, 27 2016 - UK
I am a 45 year old man living who had to move back with his parents in 2012, after losing my job/career, partner, and income, due to clinical depression/bi-polar, an illness I have had for 20+ yrs. I have had suicidal thoughts for a long time, and have taken two over doses, the most recent was Jan 2016.
Two weeks ago I was at a new low, and very suicidal. I started to turn back to God/Jesus and went to Mass, and felt a little better but then was inspired to pray the Rosary. It has only been a few days but I feel a lot better, with a new positive can do mind set.
Two problems that were causing me stress (IT/mobile phone related) for three months have been resolved in my favour today, saving me 260. I also had a productive day, putting together IKEA furniture, something that last Thursday I thought could never do.
I was in a hardware store today and someone came in asking for a product that would help their Roses to grow. I felt it was a signal grace, to keep praying the Rosary.
Maybe all coincidences but I am not so sure.
I also need to lose weight and the desire to over eat has been taken away from me. Another miracle.
Again early days in my Rosary journey, but a very positive start. I will keep you all updated.
Thank you for your inspiring stories.
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"...and someone came in asking for a product that would help their Roses to grow." This is a perfect example of a signal grace, and we are so glad you recognized it.

B    June, 19 2016 - Kenya
I'm hear to thank Jesus Christ for partially answering my prayers through mother Mary's intercession. I was praying for a job and mother has blessed me with an internship in an international research institution and I will begin on the 21st of this month.
I'm more grateful to mother Mary because I had given up on completing my 54 day rosary novena because I was so discouraged.thanks mother for not giving up on me even when I had already given up on reciting the rosary. Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus.

Caroline    June, 18 2016 -
I had a make-up & hairstylist exam yesterday. Because of my other commitments I could not practice due to paucity of time.

I prayed to Mary & said the express 9 Memorares while driving for the exam.

Our teacher said mine & the other girls make-up was the best, i was soooo thrilled.

The other girls who I used to think were really good did not get praise from our teacher.

Thanks to Holy Trinity

Thanks to Jesus & Our Blessed Mother

Thanks to St Anthony

Theresa    June, 15 2016 -
I want give my testimony to thank Mary and God for accepting partial of my prayers through the 54 day rosary and Mary undoer of knots novena. I was suffer from acne since I was 20 year old. I pray that God could heal me or I could find the right cream for my acne. So I bought Oxy face wash and Teminator 10 cream to use. My face was like 95% clear. I'll give more testimonies when my prayers answer clearly. Thanks Mary and Jesus for your love.

Neelima Sunil    June, 14 2016 - India
Just now I had a severe stomach pain. I recited the express novena of memorares and immediately I got relieved of the pain.Thank you jesus and mother mary.

Maryanka    June, 09 2016 - Texas USA
our riding lawn mower is really old. My husband has had to repair it so many times I have lost count. This year we have had some unforeseen large expenses that are causing stress and worry. And it seems as if every time my husband gets the mower out to mow there is something wrong with it. To buy a new one would cost thousands that we do not have. Today, it suddenly started to cut unevenly, which was odd since the last time he mowed it was cutting fine. We have a very large side yard and he's been mowing it today for quite a while and doubling back over his tracks to try and even out the grass. He thought it needed new blades and that would mean another repair and more expense. I am on Day 33 of a 54 Day Rosary Novena. I just finished my rosary for the day, and my husband came in and said "I think I just fixed the lawn mower" There have been workmen in our neighbor for about a month, installing new electrical and telephone poles and wiring. We have also had a lot of rain and it has been a long time since my husband was able to mow that side yard, so the grass if very deep. Unknown to us the workmen had left some metal pieces and heavy bolts, and pieces of heavy copper wiring on the ground in our yard. My husband was mowing and he ran over that wiring and had to stop the mower. It forced him to look under the mower to see what he'd run over. He found what he'd run over AND what was causing the the mower to cut unevenly. If he had not run over that wire we would be out the money for new blades and that was not the problem. The mower is working again with no expense to fix it. This morning I asked Jesus to fix the mower if He could. I really didn't think He would do it, but He did !! Thank you sweet Jesus :)

mar    June, 01 2016 -
I was suffering from sudden health issues and was very tensed I thought I had to take permanent medication
which I did not want to do, and had many extreme negative thoughts about my sickness, I prayed undoer knots novena and continued to pray to mother mary and St anthony, and had asked mother mary to show signs
that everything will be alright and I will not have to be on permanent medication I got so many signs
but was not sure finally yesterday the last day of May(31) which belongs to mother mary and it was a Tuesday as well st anthony my sickness got cured..i also received a rosary as gift from vatican on 29/05 and started praying with that when I recollect the signs I saw I feel it was all of the sign was I saw number 31 twice after I prayed for a signal grace and second was I wanted to see a particular bird which how much I tried I could not see but after I prayed and asked to show me that bird only if my health conditions will turn to normal and immediately I saw it..thankyou god for answered prayers and Mother Mary and St Anthony
for intercession and also for saving me from one big problem last week

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