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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Margo    November, 26 2015 - London
Following up on my post in October 2015, unfortunately, my prayers were not answered for a particular petition.

HOWEVER, I have made enormous progress with writing my software program, one of the petitions I prayed for.

That said, since yesterday, I have had a major fault with my database (I tried until 4am this morning and started again at 8am - still the problem prevailed) and the only solutions on the internet was to 'DELETE EVERYTHING' and start again! This would of taken a further DAY to put right!

I asked again asked for help from Jesus and my pray was answered !!!

I was able to correct the fault without having to uninstall anything!!

Thank you God, Our Lady and Jesus for helping me as always, despite me getting cross at times!

mary    November, 19 2015 -
I really wanted to take two exams before the end of this year. I had been saying the rosary, but I could not find any available exam dates. Two days ago, after I said the rosary I also said the memorare to Mother Mary 9 times. When I checked the prometric site, I was able to find exam dates open before the end of this year. Thank you Mother Mary!!!

Catherine    November, 17 2015 - Arg
Hi everyone!Ive been reading your stories and they are fantastic. The one of the mum who went to the ladies room to pray for a miracle is one of my favourites. Your miracles stories really help people to keep praying the rosary! I have received many signal graces, I told Mary last week "if you are going to help me, I want to read on a bus Virgen of Miracles", that day I went outside my house and a bus passed with that inscription, the only inscription the bus had on it! so here I am, waiting for the miracles Ive asked. Thank you God, thank you Mary!

Brigit    November, 17 2015 - Kenya
Today iv began my 54 day rosary novena and im praying for a job, I have faith that my Sweet Jesus will bless me with a very good job during this period of my novena, through the intercession of our Dearest Mother Mary. Thank you Mother for all the blessings I have obtained through your intercession. I will be back to give a testimony of the job you will have miraculously given me Jesus.

Felicia    November, 16 2015 - New Jersey
I was searching for a job and had been for many months . I started the 54 day rosary and asked for a job , any job that could support me. I was scared I wouldn't get an answer so I was trying not to be too picky . During the thanksgiving period , on August 15 , I went for an interview and got the job. It is kind of cool it was the feast of the assumption. I am grateful for what I got and also know that I shouldn't be afraid to be specific in what I am looking for . Thank God and Mother Mary!

jaimie    November, 16 2015 - USA
I wasn't able to find a good job for months. A friend suggested I pray the 54-day rosary novena. During the time I was reciting the thanksgiving, I was sought after by one of the best companies. I had my interviews, and they decided to hire me. They set my start date for Oct 1. Keep in mind that October is the month of the Holy Rosary. I'm so grateful and I thank Mother Mary for this amazing miracle.

Ikechukwu Nwuzoh    November, 13 2015 - Nigeria
I really took note of the no 27,having to do with 27 days of petition and thanksgiving.I have been praying this novena to Mother Mary for a job,then on 27th of October,I got an interview for a contract job which was secured the following week and today the 13th of November,the no 13 being Our Lady's number,I got an interview invite for another job.So much thanks to you O Mary,Our Mother

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