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Please say a prayer for the individuals who have posted a prayer request. You may also submit a prayer request for your own intentions.  Add Prayer Request  

IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

marcos    October, 17 2017 - british columbia
please pray for me that i may be healed of the disease that causes me to pee frequently.

thank you!

Wilson CUTINHA    September, 27 2017 - S A
I kindly request you to Pray for a mighty anointing in my life and
Family. And also for a long due investment returns, Financial release
and breakthrough, A Good Job/Business and also for a Good Land and
house as i am planning to change my address very soon. Please Pray.

Thank You Jesus.

Manuela    September, 25 2017 -
I ask the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Homobonus and my guardian angel to watch over me, to help me with my business and to guide me to the right path.

Let me never forget their help.

Manu    September, 06 2017 -
I ask for the intercession of Saint Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary to help me with the purchase of a home in that the bank will agree to a loan; if it be God's will.

Nyaradzo Shiela Mako    August, 11 2017 - ZW
Lord I am so depressed you know what I going through, Please ask Our Holy Mother to intercede for me. Lady of the Holy Rosary please pray for me. I need peace, let this "Cup Pass Me" and let it not as per will but as per God's will. Holy Mother, Mary, Mother its too too much for me I can not handle it anymore, please come to my assistance I need your urgent help now.

Nyaradzo Shiela Mako    August, 11 2017 - ZW
Please I need an urgent rosary prayer. My young sister was arrested in Mozambique because she was found with a fake $50,00 note on the money she had after have done her purchases for goods for buying and resale. It was not intentionally but I think someone just gave the fake note as it was.

I urgently need urgent prayers from you Prayer Warriors for release. She is still being detained there in Mozambique. Holy Mother Mary, please hear and ask for a miracle from son for her release. I ask this in Jesus Christ's Name, Amen

Alfred Brown    July, 18 2017 - Maine, Usa
God Save Eric McDonald
Our Dear Lady, Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy upon us. My Dear Mother Mary, pray for my friend Eric McDonald.Please show him your maternal love and care.Please pray for the conversion of his soul.May God Almighty, Save his soul. Most Loving Mother, I miss my friend Eric.I do not know where he is nor how he is!!!Mother Most Holy,Protect him and keep him safe.Please see that his needs are meet and that he experiences the joy of salvation.Help Eric in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!!!

Galatia    June, 21 2017 - Cape Town
Please ask our Queen of the Most Holy Rosary to grant me my petition.

Neha    June, 18 2017 -
I am not happy with my family members and life. There is no good relationship between among us which has badly efected my life, my job my friendhip. I am trying hard to qualify NET exam but this time also I failed with just a percent. I am very much tired. My parents never had good relationship. Even now they only think about themselves. They have nothing to do with what we feel. I always cry whenever I am alone. I have sacrificed my love life, friends for my family in hope that one day they will change. But nothing happened. Now I am 29 still single and alone. My parents are not concerned about my marriage also. This all makes me feel more alone. Please help me with your prayers. Mother Mary I come to your aid. I pray for every youth who is facing similar situation that Lord make their parents realize and understand their children and don't allow them to ruin there children life in between their arguments.

Matt    June, 04 2017 -
Please stop from recommendation for termination to Superintendent from principal. Pray for me to get out of the mess and start work again. I am so miserable and sad.


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