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IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

Galatia    June, 21 2017 - Cape Town
Please ask our Queen of the Most Holy Rosary to grant me my petition.

Neha    June, 18 2017 -
I am not happy with my family members and life. There is no good relationship between among us which has badly efected my life, my job my friendhip. I am trying hard to qualify NET exam but this time also I failed with just a percent. I am very much tired. My parents never had good relationship. Even now they only think about themselves. They have nothing to do with what we feel. I always cry whenever I am alone. I have sacrificed my love life, friends for my family in hope that one day they will change. But nothing happened. Now I am 29 still single and alone. My parents are not concerned about my marriage also. This all makes me feel more alone. Please help me with your prayers. Mother Mary I come to your aid. I pray for every youth who is facing similar situation that Lord make their parents realize and understand their children and don't allow them to ruin there children life in between their arguments.

Matt    June, 04 2017 -
Please stop from recommendation for termination to Superintendent from principal. Pray for me to get out of the mess and start work again. I am so miserable and sad.

Chris    May, 29 2017 -
Chris is thanking God for his mercies and guidance in his life and family, and he prays through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary that God will grant him a good job. AMEN

Arra    April, 26 2017 - Ksa
Please pray for me for I'm so desperate,anxious and too much troubled with this problem regarding my job.I'm so scared I might lose it because of a mistake I did.please say a rosary for me to help me overcome this trial and that the Lord in His infinite mercy and goodness will protect me and my employment,through the intercession of The Queen of the Most Holy Rosary and the Saints.I feel so lonely and scared there's no one to talk to.please pray for me...
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Prayers sent. Please always remember that God is your Provider.

"Behold the foules of the aire: for they sow not, neither do they reape, nor gather into barnes, yet your heauenly father feedeth them. Are yee not much better then they?" Matthew 6:26

Angelo    April, 19 2017 - Philippines
A few years back I quit a stable job for a higher paying government job that shortly after led to hardships in that we moved the office to a remote province and I got exposed to possible corruption. I quit and got a very nice job but it did not last and the commute was terrible. Now I am working in a call center and I ask God and the Blessed Mother to grant me a job in the shared services or KPO industry much like the one I lost before this call center stint but twice better in environment and perks, pay, and benefits. I also pray that the Lord Jesus will make His love and guidance and presence very known to me everyday and transform me into a truly good virtuous person. Praise God amd God bless all of us.

Manuela    April, 08 2017 -
I have experienced a lot of failure in my current line of work. As a result I am in a period of turmoil and big change in my life.

I pray for the intercession of Mary and Joseph to guide me towards work that I am good at, that I enjoy and that will enable me to make a living and live in peace.

C    February, 21 2017 -
I am planning on applying for a Dictaphone Secretary. Please pray for me that I will be the chosen candidate, as I have been unemployed for a very long time and I really do want to be at work. Please help me with my typing. Many thanks.

Marc    February, 09 2017 - Lebanon
I hope my friend T can forgive me and we can be friends again. I have tried apologizing in a letter and my plea has gone unanswered. He of course has the right to refuse to forgive me and I have no choice but to accept his decision. I can wish for as many wishes for us to reconcile but if he doesn't want to then I will abide by his decision even though it will be hard for me. I wish he could really be honest with me about all that he is going through and to voice that out to me in whatever way, his feelings, hurt,anger and disappointment that he might or may have with or even towards me. What he expects from me, what I can do to repair the rift that I might have caused between us. What happened was not deliberate act. He is an important precious person in my life. I love him dearly and truly. I wish I had just acted differently how could I because I was driven only by love and concern for him. I wish he could see that. I wish for God to let him know that I both love and care for him and wish him only the best in his life as I always have.

kate Elfrida odeh    January, 27 2017 - Benue Nigeria
am asking the Lord through the interssion of our mother Mary to Grant me good health free from sickness and long life. I will 90years.same applies to my mum and my entire family. to live long and in good health. Lord please hear my prayer. grant us good health and Free us from infirmities dear Lord.thank you God for answering me.Amen


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