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IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

Marian    November, 16 2013 -
As a 59 year old woman, I am humbled. I have made so very many bad choices in my life that here I am, lonely, no income and I'll with no health insurance. I ask God and Mary's forgiveness for my many selfish mistakes which have brought me to this end. I pray for guidance and for approval from Social Security to receive disability payments within the next three months. I also pray for customers to my two websites so that I may supplement my income. To all of God's children, learn from my mistakes and live a clean and selfless life. And pray the rosary.

corrine tan    November, 14 2013 - Singapore
Dearest Mother Mary, I was so depressed, lonely and fear because I'm live alone. I'm long to stay with my parent but I have no room to sleep because my brother and sister-in-law family was in my room. I just want to have family love and joy when I reached home from work. Please help me. :(

Dulani Jayakody    November, 12 2013 - Colombo
Dear All,

Please include my sister in your prayers.pray for her that she may find her soul mate and enter to a happy marriage life soon.May our beloved God mother will be with her and bless her with all the happiness..amen.

mlbv    November, 04 2013 -
mama mary thank you for all your blessings. please help me to get the job i am aspiring for. there was already a sign but need continuous prayer. i am constant in praying the rosary. i always pray rosary with 15 mysteries. please mama mary.

sharon    October, 27 2013 -
Praying for a great interview this Thursday and for Mary to bless me to say the right words during the interview and not to be nervous and to be offered the job.

Ann Reid    October, 23 2013 - Lancaster, PA
My son, Nick, has bottled up his emotions since returning from his tour of duty as a Marine in Iraq.Six months ago his girlfriend dumped him and he has been in a downward spiral of anger, guilt, loneliness and desperation. He is seeing a therapist but stresses at work have increased in the last few weeks and his judgement is getting poorer and poorer and I'm afraid he's having a breakdown and he's so angry and upset he won't let us help him.

Please pray that he gets clarity of mind, and that he accepts the help offered to him to help him heal and move on with his life.

patricia anne    October, 13 2013 - malaysia
Lord in 18years relationship John and I make a lot of mistake. We hurt each others a lot. Jesus show us our wrong doing . Reveal to us our wrong doing teach us to repent and forgive. Let your Holy Spirit remove all our character, behavior which is not of us and fill us with the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. Our relationship is really broken now. Let your long loving arms embrace us. Lord let your light go before us make teach us to make decision about our wedding. Let your will done to us. I can't take it anymore Lord. This waiting is hurting me.

Michelle    October, 07 2013 - Philippines
Please pray for our 4days old litlle angel krisiel vianney aragon for healing, she is in the hospital right now and was diagnosed with natal pneumonia..God keep her safe, mother Mary interecede for her protection and care..Holy Spirit guide and shield her with His Power ..may all the nurses and doctors give her thheir outmost care ,bless them Lord , in Jesus Name, AMEN !

sharon mitchell    September, 24 2013 -
I am still hoping that it is God's will that Ralph and I get back together.

robin wilson    September, 15 2013 -
I (robin) pray that I get my marriage back with Jason and that we are reunited as a family with our 2 sons soon, amen.



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