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IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

Jonathan Wakefield    July, 11 2013 - England
Dear Blessed mother please intercede for Syria and Egypt that the violence and killing will cease and be replaced by peace and love for one another.

Jonathan Wakefield    July, 11 2013 - England
I pray for urgent protection from blackmail as a result of turning from the Lord.

I ask that you pray for protection for me, my home, my father who lives with me, our neighbours and the estate of Reeds Farm. That those who seek to blackmail or intimidate me are defeated at every attempt and will mend their ways, be released from their bondage and find the Lord and be healed.

Inday    July, 03 2013 - Davao
I am again knocking please pray for my family ,special my husband that there will be a call for him to resume to work.Mama Mary please offer my prayers to Jesus .Amen.

Inday    June, 28 2013 - Davao
Please I am knoking again for my husband call for work.

Roseyne    June, 26 2013 - South Africa
Hello Christian Family!
my name is Roselyne, I have sickle cell anemia, I was born with it. I know that with God, nothing is impossible that why i want you to pray for me so that i will be healed and continue my medical studies in peace and without any pain. Thanks!

Inday    June, 24 2013 -
please pray for us, especially my husband that he will be call for work, God bless.

Inday    June, 22 2013 - Philippines
Join me please in praying the holy rosary for strength,for my husband call to work as a cook in the ship,its 5 months now waiting for his job,we now financial unstable.God bless.

Derek Morton    June, 19 2013 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
My wife wants a divorce. After affairs, drug and alcohol abuse I don't blame her. Trust has been broken, hope seems lost. We have a four year old, we still laugh and talk together, but are separated. The overwhelming and stomach wrenching constant sorrow destroys me. May God heal her, may she find forgiveness for me and fulfillment in God. May God heal this Marriage bringing it to new heights to reflect his glory. Please pray fervently fellow Christian, I beg you.

OGBILI JOHN    June, 12 2013 - Nigeria
Am OGBILI. JOHN by name an. aspiring Pilot to be, since 1994 after my secondery school I have bin lookin for a SPONSOR and up till now all in ( VAIN),but I stil have that believe that the LORD can stil do it .Pls I need ur help and PRAYERs, and may the good lord continue to BLESS u all.AMEN

Matthew    June, 04 2013 - North Carolina
Please pray for a family member who was recently diagnosed with leukemia; that he may be healed and comforted.


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