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IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

ann mary    March, 03 2013 -
I get angry very quickly, on seeing my husband's indifference. I have tried saying so many rosaries for him and my son. When I get angry,my husband blames me for my anger not his mistakes.

jomar    February, 27 2013 - manila
please pray for me and my wife to pass in the licensure examination for teacher , please include also my classmate. Lord, you know that we are in need. Mama Mary Please pray for us. Its very near, March 10, is the day of the examination. Please Lord guide and direct us. Lord fill us with your Holy Spirit. Amen

Lince Mathew    February, 26 2013 - Cochin
I am employed but was without any work for the past four months and thus my pay will be reduced in the new paysacle which will be revised in March 2013 and also my promotion will get a setback because of it. I am a man with huge debts and I am going to get married soon. Please pray for me.

monica    February, 26 2013 - bangalore
Please pray for my sister good future...and my married life and about the good health of my parents.pray also to my sis in law marriage n future.

Thomaskutty    February, 20 2013 - kottayam
kindly pray for us, today our result will be publish.

C    February, 15 2013 -
Please pray for me so that I will be hired as a Legal Secretary soon in a nice firm with nice people. I have been out of work for a long time and pray that a good, kind firm will hire me.

C    February, 15 2013 -
PLease pray for me so that my brother stays away from me. He is such a bully and has an awful temper; I fear my life with him.

clare    February, 14 2013 - uganda
please pray for me that Mother Mary may intercede in the situation between me and my ex.boyfriend that God may touch our hearts & take any bitterness, unforgiveness and resentment toward eachother plus that if it be in accordance to God's will and plan we may be reconciled,get back together in a renewed relationship by God filled with love, patience, kindness, understanding free from fornication that ll lead to holy matrimony and understanding but above all that God's love may reign. please pray for me, only ur prayers & God through our loving Mother Mary can save my relationship

jomar    February, 11 2013 -
ok sir i will pray for your son through the intercession of our Mother Mary , you son will be healed. I will offer rosary now for your fast recovery of your son sir Willi. I ask this through Father God in the name of Jesus with the Holy Spirit and through the intercession of all the saints and angels.

Willie M. Irby    February, 11 2013 - Alberta Alabama
Hello.How are you? My Son was shot in the back on 2/6/2013 and the doctors say that he will never walk again so will you please pray for God to heal his body and that he will walk again.Sincerely,


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