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IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

rodel a. baquiran    November, 08 2012 - tumauini, Isabela
Pls pray also that my gf who is a member of INC will be enlightened for truth...

rodel a. baquiran    November, 08 2012 - tumauini, Isabela
Pray for my success in my bar exam...

Angela    October, 26 2012 - US
For all those depressed enough to consider taking their own lives. May God show them that they are always loved by Him.

lucie    October, 22 2012 - europe
for my mum dying and a friend; for all my grief and hearbreak to be healed have had multiple family deaths and really bad situations to cope with; persecution and bad stuff from own family linked to abuse and money; for financial aid and employment; for the persecution to end and a humbling of pride from family members; please pray urgently needed.

Tina chiappelli    October, 06 2012 - Michigan
Please pray for me, and my daughter Lara.we are having a diffacult time with each other.also I need a financial miracle in my life.

Bruce    October, 04 2012 - California
hi my name is Bruce. I have been struggling with thoughts about guys at my school. I don't think about them in a sexual way, but I do think that they're cute. I didn't start having these feelings until the seventh grade, and I didn't know that it was sin, because that's when I started to believe in Christ. I tried very hard to pray for these thoughts to stop revisiting me. I have been using the rosary as a strong weapon against evil, and I just pray that I will consistently say it. But most important of all, I would like to focus solely on God, and I seem to have failed because I've had so many troubles accompanied by these thoughts, such as friendship problems,loneliness, and love. Sometimes these things take my eyes off God and make me wonder. Please pray for me to rely on God at all times.

Cres    September, 11 2012 -
Please pray for me that I will land a job soon as live-in carer. I've been out of work and I'm so depressed. Without my work I can no longer help my mother financially. I'm her only hope aside from her pension, without my financial help her pension is not enough. So please do pray for me for job. Thank you so much. ...Cres

David Schilling    August, 28 2012 - Arlington, MN
Please pray for my dying mother, that she may go to the Lord in peace, without suffering. Please consider praying a rosary on her behalf...her name is Ruth Schilling. Thank you so much!

Veronica Blount    August, 19 2012 - Atlantic city nj
Please upon my daughter and I and her father Altonn that he will come back into his daughter life and my life we have a two month old daughter and she needs him he left us for no reason at all I just asked that you all pray for us to reunite soon as a family ..

Thank you
God bless

claudette hall    August, 18 2012 -
Please pray that God will make my husband repulsed by any tempting situation and that God will make our marriage affair proof.


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