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IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

SS    April, 23 2012 - India
Please GOD unite me back with my love and bless me with my marriage to him ,with our parents blessings and happiness . Please help me GOD ,you are my last hope . Please don't let me down .

Cindy R.    March, 20 2012 - Iraq
Hail Mary, thank you for your many blessings. I implore you today to please help my loved one, Orlando Garcia, keep his current position. he is in danger of loosing his current job, and i ask you to please bless him, and help keep him employed. he is needing your help more than ever, so please place your blessing hand upon him. in your loving name, Amen.

Wayne OBrien    March, 01 2012 - Knoxville, Tennessee
Oh Mary, mother of our lord Jesus, show me how to rebuild this life that now lays in ruins. You know my physical, spiritual, emotional and financial plight. Guide and help me, your unworthy servant.

Trivan Nguyen    January, 20 2012 - Medford, MA
Holy Jesus Mother please help me get the job

Thomas    January, 13 2012 - Kerala
Hail Mary, please find me a way out from my debts and financial problems.

kirabo cissy    January, 06 2012 -
our lady of the rosary i would like to help me have a stress free pregnancy and a healthy baby. give me through this pregnancy because i believe that you have given me this child for a reason. please help Micheal get a good job that will see him grow and also build our own house and home. i ask for your protection over my children and good and loving caretaker. I also pray for the souls in purgatory and ask all this through our lady of the rosary amen.

James S    January, 05 2012 - Ireland
Tomorrow after communion I'm going to do something that I know I must do, but which I am also dreading.

I'm going to give my Archdeacon a letter, which will tell him that I believe God is calling me into his service as a minister in the Church of Ireland.

I truly believe it and want to serve God in all I do, but I'm new to Anglicanism, and I'm worried the Archdeacon won't agree with my vocation because I'm new.

I know that I'm probably the only Anglican here, but please pray that my vocation will be realised and that the Archdeacon will help me realise God's calling in my life, please pray that he will receive my letter well and that he will place his trust in me and support me in my vocation.

Navneet Dayal    December, 27 2011 -
I stay in Delhi in India & have been married since last two years. I stay in a close knit family.I stay with my two young employed brothers and my parents keep visiting us. My family had always been very caring to my wife. But my wife had always insisted me to stay alone with her.Suddenly this year I had left my job and my brothers had supported me while the unemployment. My parent in laws were unhappy about it. They had always been interrupting in my married life and wanted me to stay alone with my wife which I refused to do as I was unemployed. In the meanwhile my wife went to her parent's house & had filed a court case of dowry, adultery etc against me & my family which I/family never did.
Please pray for my wife to get humble and accept her wrongful deeds. I request for our lord's forgiveness for all those situations where I was wrong. Our lord Jesus Christ will make things better for us one day and I wait for his judgement.
Maa Mariam please pray for me and my family to your son so that our God-Jesus saves all of us from going to jail or any mishap. Navneet.

Marie Lau    December, 23 2011 - Malaysia
I have sinned and 1st and foremost, I seek Godís forgiveness. I have found out I am pregnant. I am still single and my boyfriend did not take it very well when I first told him I am pregnant. Initially he wanted me to end the pregnancy but I refuse to. Through prayers and Godís grace, he has accepted this pregnancy but at times I can see he is still troubled. Please pray for Godís forgiveness for us and that we could both be brave and the Lord give us the strength and joy in our heart to take responsibility of the sin we have committed. Please pray for our Lordís intervention that my babyís father and his family would open up their hearts and accept this baby and our relationship with love, joy and serenity in their heart especially my babyís father. I pray that he will always stay by my side to bring this baby up together in a happy marriage. Iím in the 10th week of my pregnancy now and please also pray for a healthy, full term pregnancy and healthy baby for us.
Thank you for your prayers
God bless

linda pettigrew    December, 16 2011 - lancaster ca
i ask of the divine blessed virgin mary to help me pay off ALL my credit card bills. And send healing to everette. thank you blessed virgin mary! linda


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