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IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

Andrew Tan Kok Siang    October, 02 2011 -
Dear Rosary Prayer Warriors and Intercessors, I have special request to pray and intercede for me daily with following:
1.) Cover me with daily prayer and intercession by entrust me to the care and protection under Mother Mary and our LORD JESUS CHRIST.
2.) Cover me with daily prayer and intercession with God's given will, visions and dreams.
3.) Cover me with daily prayer and intercession for not falling into trials and temptations in both personal life and marketplace.
4.) Cover me with daily prayer and intercession for stand firm in JESUS CHRIST.
5.) Cover me with daily prayer and intercession for deliver me from evil/Satan attack and influence, human enemies especially the wicked influence and destroy both my personal life and marketplace.
6.) Cover me with daily prayer and intercession with God's given will, visions and dreams as an entrepreneur, musician, evangelist, philanthropist, author, speaker, and investor.
7.) Cover me with daily prayer and intercession for my 2nd calling from God moving and migrate to USA and travel around the world by doing God's given visions and dreams.
8.) Cover me with daily prayer and intercession for my life cover and circle by Inner Circle with Personal Spiritual Director, Spiritual partners, Leadership Mentor, Entrepreneurship Mentor, Music Mentor, Finance and Investment Mentor, Couple Life Mentor (Future) and Marriage and Family Life Mentor (Future).
9.) Cover me with daily prayer and intercession for my personal finance and investment are under God's graces and blessings.
10.) Cover me with daily prayer and intercession for my calling from God in marketplace and my daily life.

metilda margaret    September, 24 2011 - india
pls pray for me all my brothers and sisters, i love my boyfriend so much, but now he left me due to family reasons engaged to others, i wish he should change his mind back, i really so much too much depressed, i request mother mary for her blessings all these years prayed her only , i neverthought she will leave me,pls pray for theo to change his mind,

davis n    September, 09 2011 -
I am from India , lately I have been very sad and depressed with so many sudden problems in my life. I was living and working happily in London . On 1st January 2010 I came to India to see my parents . My visa and passport were about to expire , I could have easily got them renewed in London but I prefered to come to India and get it done because In Nov 2009 I had a surgery on my leg in St.Barts hospital in London and my parents were worried about me and wanted to see me.So I planned a trip to India to see my parents and also renew my visa passport. Its been 20 months am still stuck here in India and I see no signs of things happening for me. It took 1 year for me to get the the passport renewed because of severe delays at Indian passport office and I still did not get my visa.I have been refused twice without a personal interview. I was on medical leave for my surgery and now I have lost my job in London.Since Nov 2009 I have no income and I am the only earning person in my family.My parents are retired and have no pension or any social security ,They spent all their retirement gratuity money on me to send me to the UK,I have one younger brother who is still studying to be a doctor. Whatever money I brought from London was finished by Dec 2010 because we are a family of four members. In January 2011 I took some loan on interest basis just hoping I can get back to London soon and pay back and by June2011 that money is also finished. I am finding it very hard to pay even the monthly interest of the loan. I am totally bankrupt, We did not pay the electricity bill for last 2 months, I have sold my car,android phones, my mother has sold her gold and we will loose this house also if I dont pay the monthly interest regularly. I wonder how things changed so quickly within a year. I made a blunder by not getting the renewal in London itself. I have a girlfriend in London who now doubts me that I got married here in India and I am not going to come back to London. There are frequent arguments at our home because of the financial crisis we are going through.My clothes, luggage ,degree certificates are stilll in London. I am so helpless.Could you please pray for me for my helpless situation only a miracle would help me to get back to London.Could you please keep my request confidential.


Christopher Fernande    August, 27 2011 - India
Please pray for my sister that she may get a good husband. My cousin, Roshan also appears to be in bad company. Please pray for him to be rid of all evil habits and negative thoughts and people. Please also pray for all my near and dear ones for all the sacrifices that they have done for me that God may bless every one of them abundantly. Thank you very much.

Lori Hunt    August, 08 2011 - California
Please pray that God leads me to my future husband very soon and for my brother to find his spouse too. I keep meeting the wrong guys. I know that Mary is always there for us. Thank you.

ottilie junias    July, 20 2011 -
Pray for me for God to open the marriage door for me, the door which nobody will close, I am longing to start and live with my family. God to provide me a good life partner to be my husband. God answer my prayers today and forever amen!

A.Volk    June, 17 2011 - florida
please holy spirit you know the upset that is going on in our family. i talked to my husband of some of the problems that happened years ago and of family secrets on my son in laws side. this has caused problems with us and our daughter. we love our daughter very much, but over the years she has done things which is not been appropiate, when i lived with her cause of health reasons at that time she did things at the request of her husband, which made it unbearable to live their, but she is my daughter and i love her no matter what, she says she has given her life to God but some of the things she has done God would certainly agree with. She needs to see truth and understand her parents (us) we love her, her step daughter started lies and she choose to believe her over her parents and called us liars and all kind of mud slinging started, she needs to make right with us her parents. spirit make her see who the liars are, they are living in her house and pray for her to do right things in life. We got a 6 yr granddaughter thats being influenced by this stepdaughter and saying things that are unkind that should never be taught to a 6 year old. our grandaughter doesnt even want to come see us and we think this step daughter is cohearsing our grandaughter. our daughter is always making excuses for this stepdaughter, our daughter needs to open her eyes and only you father have that power to make her understand and stop this family from arguements!!!!

john orman    June, 06 2011 - kingman az
Please pray that the marriage of John and Amanda is protected, healed, and restored. She has been confiding in another man. Please pray that the Lord convict her heart, and bring her to her knees in repentance. She wanted to get back together three weeks ago, but has severed contact again. Pray that her heart is convicted to be my Godly wife. Pray that communication is restored, that the Lord prompts her to call me. Pray that the Lord delays no longer and brings my beloved back to me. Pray that she comes back soon, I need my helpmeet. I need encouragement here, a lot. I have been paralyzed over this separation, there is a restraining order against me, and therefore I cannot contact to her and minister to her. My hands are tied, and I am going insane from the loneliness. I do not trust my judgment anymore, I donít trust my prayers anymore, please help us. I need someone to help me stand.

Michael Steele    June, 04 2011 - Edmonton, AB
Father You know my heart's agony and that my dear Wife Christina has been blinded, bound and captured to do the will of the enemy (2 Tim 2.26). She desires to divorce me and continue in an adulterous relationship that deeply offends your infinite goodness. This cannot be Lord because our son is destined to be used by You to be a mighty Warrior Prophet for Your Kingdom. Please Father, for the Glory of Your Name rescue our family from destruction, open Christina's eyes to the prison she is in, the chains that bind her. May she cry out to You and may You answer her and wash her in the Blood and give her Mercy and Salvation in Jesus Christ. place a hedge of thorns and a wall in her path and bring her to the wilderness and speak tenderly to her heart Father, bring her home to her waiting husband. Father You have Promised in your Word restoration for our marriage, rekindling of our love and for our family to be blessed to the third and fourth generations. You hate divorce (Malachi 2.16) because of the violence it does to us. Father I already thank You and praise You forever for having heard my heart's supplications. I declare my Trust in You Father to do immeasurably more than all I could ever ask or think. To You Be Glory Forever. Amen and Amen.

levin abraham    June, 03 2011 - united kingdom
My exams are over and iam waiting for my results..they will be out this month..i want to see divine favour and god's hand in my results so that i get a positive result in all my exams, especially mechanics which iam a bit worried about,its done in jesus name,thanks..god bless'


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