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IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

Br.Phil Bara    March, 17 2011 - S. California
Oh Mother Mary, please pray that Deanna Lc.recieve a 3.9
gpa in her present class. that *D* be filled with a
Joy, and Peace,trusting that
she is Blessed in her studies.Also *AMMA* Mary
please pray with me and for me that I *Shine Forth* the
Presence of your Son Jesus Christ, at my studies, job, and presentations/sharings
that my *Mantle* of"wherever
I am = The King Jesus Christ Is!!" be Boldly
Proclaimed as Reality!!!

Alexander Chung    January, 16 2011 - Canada
That Alexander Chung's spiritual direction and discernment, all his schooling and education goes extremely well. That he passes all the courses he takes with very good marks and that his desire for the Priesthood continues to grow, so that he become a good, prayerful, joyful, faithful, and holy Priest.

Miguel Serrano    January, 13 2011 - East Los Angeles
Please PRAY for my health is stress or something else. I been feeling down and sad with myself. I need another job,please for another job.

Jack Topeff    January, 04 2011 -
Please pray for jobs for my wife and myself. More importantly, please pray for us to have an increase of faith, hope and love, We love you Mary and Jesus.
Thank you for praying for us eRosary members. Amen

Mark Kidamba    December, 22 2010 - Uganda
i have been suffering from vigorous seizures for 3 years now!brain scans show no abnormalities,yet i continue to live in fear &suffer quietly..i am so afraid&cannot enjoy my life anymore because i live in fear! i recite the rosary daily though.i therefore seek The Holy Virgin 's intercession through the Holy Rosary..i will be more than glad to testify to the Holy Virgin's healing through the Holy Rosary.

Abraham Dominic Bake    November, 29 2010 - Sierra Leone
That the Almighty God will make the catholic Church of Sierra Leone a United and stronger one

E N    November, 22 2010 -
For reconciliation, reunion, and re-commitment between CMN and MEDN. That God helps CMN to turn away from his "self-seeking" interest in the single life, the temptation of other women, negative situations & people, and that God gives CMN the inspiration and push to put in the effort to heal and improve his relationship with MEDN. For CMN to grow in faith and fully convert to Christianity. God, help us have and bless us with a long, happy, healthy, supportive, faithful, extremely loving and committed marriage.

Anusha Moodley    November, 10 2010 -
Please pray for my mum who is 76 yrs old, she has a mouth ulcer and afraid that it might be cancerous, losing weight. Pray for my son T who is writing matric this year, that he wud pray the rosary, serve the Lord, Lord wud give him wisdom, knowledge and divine understanding, he wud pass well and guidance in his career path. Pray for son C, grade 7, pray, serve God, remove all negative influences, hinderances, evil spirits, strongholds from our lives. Pray for peace in our home, remove strife from our hearts, destroy all vices that we partake in. Pray for spouse, to serve the Lord,be responsible, humble, responsible, good father and husband. Pray for my work situation, 3 years doing a job and not paid accordingly, misleading and misusing me. Pray for the Lord's will to be done, very unhappy emotionally, stressed out at work and home. Need peace of mind

God Bless

Rev.Fr.Javkin Volody    October, 22 2010 -
Please pray for Artur Hahn, he died.
Thank You very much!

CMC    October, 20 2010 - New Orleans, LA
My prayer; I am in need on a financial breakthrough a job and prosperity.


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