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Please say a prayer for the individuals who have posted a prayer request. You may also submit a prayer request for your own intentions.  Add Prayer Request  

IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

Jackie D.    May, 03 2010 - California
I ask for prayer for the grace to kick my sugar habit; to conceive more children, for good test results for my father and sister, and financial assistance. I in turn will pray for all the intentions on this site as well. Thank you for the prayer!!!

MICHAEL HOFFMAN    April, 20 2010 - Vancouver, Wa
Please pray many rosaries for the Michael Jmaes Hoffman Family for conversions and a full time job. God bless you

Cindy Johnson    March, 26 2010 - New Orleans
I am believing in God for peace in my marriage. I am aslo beliving in God of a career job making enough money to support my family.

S K    March, 04 2010 -
Please pray that I get into medical school this year so that I get to become His instrument to heal sooner.
Thank you.

renny gonsiong    February, 22 2010 - kota kinabalu
My boyfriend and I are in serious financial trouble and need prayers for our based business to be a sucess. Please pray for our hard work in faith in god to make that happen. I also need prayers for myself coz I need some money to pay my vehicle. Thanks god bless

theresa    October, 22 2009 -
Prayer requested for peace and financial stability for single mom of 10 year old boy. Have never received emotional or financial support from father. Beautiful child deserves a beautiful life!

M. H.    October, 21 2009 - Texas
My husband and I are in serious financial trouble and need prayers for our home based business to be a success. Please pray for our hard work and faith in God to make that happen. We also need prayers for our son who is a recovering heroin addict. Pray for him to be healed of his addiction and to be touched by the Holy Spirit so that he too will turn to God instead of drugs.

Thank you and God Bless,


emmanuel jaxier    October, 18 2009 - philippines
heal me financially,spiritually,physically and mentally give me the graces necessary for my state of life dot let my enemies and those who do noy wish me well say i their heart where is is GOD make them see your glry to me

James Conway    October, 04 2009 - South Carolina
My friend Pam's sister Karen has an anurism. Please pray for a Miracle. i've heard people don't survive these.Please show her that God loves her. Pam is a wonderful and caring person,I think her sister is the same. Thank You Lord for hearing our prayer.

Norma Stumborg    September, 10 2009 -
That God may heal the broken hearts of those women who suffer from the sin of abortion and through his grace they be able to forgive themself and find true joy, love and peace once again


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