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Please say a prayer for the individuals who have posted a prayer request. You may also submit a prayer request for your own intentions.  Add Prayer Request  

IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

Jason Balleza    August, 13 2009 -
Please pray for a corporal and spiritual healing for my brother's girlfriend, Hollie, who's dieing of Leukemia, and that it will happen in such a way that'll give such great glory to God and honor to our blessed loving mother. Thanks and God bless.

Anthony Doshier    July, 23 2009 - Bee Branch, Arkansas 72013
I would love prayer to heal my Bone Cancer and small cell lung cancer. I would also love prayer to heal my mother Gertrude of Bad Eyesight and Dementia.

Jackson Russell    July, 17 2009 - New York City
please say the rosary for my friend Margaret who is in hospice today, July 17 2009

Katherine Fugnitti    July, 14 2009 -
Please pray for my dog Inde, that he beats cancer and has a full recovery.

Tom Barwicki    June, 13 2009 -
I need a job desperately,I'm 58 yrs old and no one wants to hire me.Please pray for me to get a decent job. Thanks. Tom B.

Pattie Sullivan    June, 11 2009 - USA
for my 7 yr old nephew who is very sickly, pneumonia several times, asthma, strep, etc etc etc, continually sick, not baptized yet, and please for his parents

Evelyne Marcel    June, 08 2009 - Miami Fl
Please pray for my depression and anxiety, to live in peace. Please pray for my son so he could finish school, and for him to stop smoking marijuana. to listen to me and his father. I need
help from above thank you.

Norma Stumborg    May, 26 2009 - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
I want everyone to know that I said the rosary on Sunday for your prayer requests and hope that you will add the safe return of my son home from Afghanistan to yours...God Bless

Tom    May, 24 2009 - usa
I need financial help desperately.And my son Josh needs prayers for drug addiction. Please help!

Norma Stumborg    May, 21 2009 - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
May those hearts that God united together in true love not be divided by man. May God's will be done.


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