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IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

Sharon    August, 24 2008 - SanFrancisco
Please pray that God cures me from this illness,and heals my body from the toxic drug side effects I am experiencing.Thank you.

Sharon Spiteri    August, 04 2008 - Malta
My boyfriend and I split up as he is unsure about his feelings and he wants to party with his friend. This has broken my heart. I pray that he will come back to me with an open heart. I am ready to forgive all the hurts. Please pray for me.

Lawrence Jerome Brag    July, 23 2008 - ABU DHABI , UAE
i am suffering from shivering problems, breathing problems, bakc pain which is more on the neck and head, anxiousness, nervousness etc. please remember me in prayer.

M Kapule    July, 10 2008 - Hawaii
While waiting for my sister as she was going through a procedure at Castle Hospital. I meet a really nice Father and Daugther who's Wife/Mother(Vicky)was diagnosed with breast cancer and going through surgery. Please join me and say a rosary for Vicky and pray she will recover quickly and get better soon.

Thank you and God Bless!!

Benjamin Johnson    July, 04 2008 - Tamilnadu- INDIA
Please Pray for my Daughter Alice Maria Deepika (14 years) she has left My house May2nd And still not yet return to the home, we have only one daughter and one son . Without my daughter we have worried a lots of lots and there is no peace in my home .and So far we have no information about my daughter, we have compliant police station also.But there is np response We Pray day to day but there is no response But still my Daughter hasínt come to house, Pls Pray for me We hopeless God Only Can Do SOME Miracles So Pls pray For My Daughter and As soon she changed his mind and return to the Home .THANKS A LOT REMEMBER ALWAYES


Maxine Kapule    June, 10 2008 - Hawaii
Please pray for my sister Gloria. She is in ICU and is very sick, she needs all of your prayers. God Bless you all. Blessed Mother please hear our prayers.

David Kerns    May, 28 2008 - Texas
please pray for my wife at this hour.

David Kerns    May, 26 2008 - texas
Please pray for my marriage...there is great evil that has entered in..heartbroken, but hopeful and have faith that the power of the rosary will triumph.

Ivy paulina    May, 22 2008 - malaysia
Please pray for my relationship with Don..Please open our heart and make us grow in love and better understanding.Give me a chance to know him more..Please call him back to me..GOD,please!!You are the only hope for me..!!Amen..

supriya c    May, 05 2008 -
please pray for that ajith should get back to me with a goodnews and here after we should have peace and prosperity and our faith should increase in our good lord jesuschrist.we both together should visit the church as soon as possible.our problems should dissolve.lord hear our prayer. mother mary intercede for us amen.


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