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IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

tracy moeck    December, 27 2007 - Pennsylvania
Please pray for me , I was put on xanax for a headache and some anxiety medicine 4 weeks ago and then 2 weeks ago i was on xanax and went off of that and took some herbs and never put anything into my body before and now i have a chemical inbalance from all of this, crazy thoughts and suicidal thoughts,, this is not me i love god and jesus my savior, so please pray for me that this will end. I need my life back. please

Jessy John    November, 26 2007 -
Please pray for the complete healing and reconciliation of my relation with my beloved. please pray that things be fine and normal and our communication starts. let our relation be successful and stronger. please pray for us. we need your prayers. Mother Mary bless me with my relation peace. Let we be one as a stronger and happier couple. please pray for us.

Nancy    November, 11 2007 - New York
Please pray for me and my family that we may receive financial aid to pay our mortgage before we foreclose in our house and also large medical bills from my recent surgery. God Bless You Always!

Ricardo A    October, 30 2007 - NY
Last week on a blood work a level was in the CANCER RANGE ..have to redo this Wed.; and schedule ct-scan & liver biopsy w/ in a month..praying that this was a false reading..NEED PRAYER &

After coming off of the 1 yr. of medications unfortunately my Hep C viral level went up to 4 million---this was an unexpected set back.

It appears that the hep c virus hid in some FATTY LIVER, and that made it undetectable. Due to the medications I also may have developed PRE-DIABETES.

My HIV remains undetectable, thank God, but I could use a rise in t-cells. Hence, please lift up in prayers for a Fatty Liver to return to normal; Hepatitis C virus level to go down; NO diabetes to progress; and T-Cells needed to boost my immune system to rise. And NO CANCER!

A COMPLETE MEDICAL OVER-HAUL ! & Help in getting both pension plans to be 100 % correct; for past disabilty payments to be approved; & a NYC Bond returned.

sherie ann mallari    October, 27 2007 - virginia beach, va
pls pray for me and jeffrey. we are praying to God to bless us with healthy babies who will live long lives. we are also praying that God blesses us with safe and healthy pregnancy and childbirth. we lost our first baby 3 months ago at 6 months pregnancy. we were very devastated, but we know that God knows best.

Gene McAloose    October, 24 2007 -
Please pray the rosary for my sister Stacie, who is battling cancer. Ask God to grant her strength and healing.

Glayson Colaco    October, 08 2007 - India
please pray for me that God shall favour me and my girlfriend and give my parents,the grace to allow us to marry

calvin scott    September, 18 2007 - College
I need prayer for miracles of education, health, closer walk with God. A special prayer of reconciliation for my fiance LaTonya and I. A prayer for us in marriage and service to God. A prayer for acceptance of my research paper and thesis. A job for me and a better job, home, and spiritual growth for us. Thanks

Mary    March, 03 2007 - PA
Please pray for sick husband and for son to get into school

J.M.    February, 26 2007 - Ontario Canada.
I am in need of a financial Miracle before the end of Feb/07 to pay all debts so that we may enjoy our retirement with out any debt and to bring peace within our marriage.


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