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IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

john    August, 24 2006 - Brooklyn, NY
please help me feel at peace with myself; to have more patience with my children; and to make the right decision.

Anne    May, 10 2006 - London, UK
Please pray for me I have been unemployed and seeking a permanent position since June 05. I have had so many rejections from interviews and do not know which way to turn or able to find the right job for me. Please pray that the right job comes up soon, I continue searching, knocking and prayering. I feel it is the Rosary that is keeping me sane each day.

Jennifer    May, 10 2006 - Nevada, USA
Please pray that I may find God through this trial. I feel blind and unable to see Him. Please also pray for my family, that we all grow closer to God.

Chris Loggins    May, 09 2006 - Sarasota, Florida
Please pray for Stacey W. that she finds peace,love and happiness while she struggles with her life's problems. And she makes amends with her family and finds a true,loving and faithful life partner.

Melanie    April, 26 2006 - Delaware, USA
Special favours

Sharon    April, 21 2006 - Malta
Please help me to get over this moment where I feel so alone and 'abandoned'.

Elizabeth    February, 24 2006 - USA
I ask for prayer for Justice, Mercy and protection to cover our country, our troops.and our government. For our Father to hold us in His hand. For protection for Israel and all innocents under threat of their lives.

Eva    February, 09 2006 - USA
Please pray for deceased: Nestor, Guadalupe, Delia, Natividad, Rafael, Martina & Gregorio. Markie & Veronica stop taking drugs, for Jackie to behave & concentrate on school. For Allan to pay Evelyn what he owes her for Jan. & Feb. That I can pay my $88,000 mortgage, teach again or at least tutor. For Diane to do well in school & work & not be so stressed out. Thank you

Eliz    January, 26 2006 - Malaysia
Please pray that I will find a new job that will not interfere with my studies and have good income. Praying also for all my family members and for the soul of my niece Alic.

Katherine    January, 19 2006 - New Jersey
Please pray that all those who are hurting in the world find comfort. Please pray that my husband continues to find the strength and determination to finish building the addition on our house, after our contractor abandoned us. Please pray that I will continue to be strong for both of us through this hard time. Thank you for your prayers.


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