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IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

Anonymous    January, 12 2006 - USA
please pray for an income that will never be taken away from us and that we can live of the rest of our lives. thank you

E. Hdz    January, 05 2006 - USA
Please pray for Jocelyn. She is 4 months old & is going to be operated 1-6-06(tomorrow). She was born with a cleft-lip & nose. Please pray that she comes out ok & that the doctors can fix her face & mouth. Thank you

E. Hernandez    November, 03 2005 - USA
Please pray that Allan will pay Evelyn everything he owes her and if not is found in contempt of court. Please pray I get the $88,000 to pay my mortgage and taxes. Please pray for Diane & Kyle to do well in school. That Diane will study hard and do well in her 2 tests next week. That kyle will do well on his test to go to medical school. Please pray that the St. Joseph fiesta this weekend will do well so the new church will be built soon. Thank you

frightened    October, 26 2005 - USA
I have been saying three rosaries a day in honor of the Holy Trinity. I have been doing this because I appeared on a reality show recently where everybody made fun of me. I hope to God that this does not air, or that they keep my identity completely anonymous! I hope that the rosaries work. Your prayers will be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.

E. Hdz    October, 20 2005 - USA
Please pray I get well from my heart and that I can pay the $88,000 mortgage & taxes. That I can find a job according to my education. That Ricardo will stop calling & bothering Diane. Thank you.

E. Hdz    October, 05 2005 - USA
Please pray for Markie, Cory, Jackie, Diane & Kyle to do well in school. For a happy wedding for Erik & Rachel. For Harley, Mark & Diane to do well at work, that they don't get so stressed out, & that they don't lose their jobs. Please pray I can pay the $88,000 mortgage & the taxes on my house & my parents. For Markie & Ronnie not to do drugs & get along with their parents. For Allan to pay Evelyn everything he owes her for the house. Thank you

Holly    September, 24 2005 - USA
Please pray for my Dad who accidentally cut his finger almost all the way off and is right now on his way to surgery. Please pray for a very successful surgery, complete healing, and a quick recovery. He really wants to be able to keep playing the piano, and he often helps out in church by playing the piano. Thank you so much for your prayers, Holly.

Rita    September, 05 2005 - Nebraska, USA
Please pray for me that I find gainful employment soon. I was let go from my job with no explanation at the beginning of June. I feel very bitter because I worked very hard to build the success of the Olson's business. I must move forward. I have interviewed for an account executive position with BCBS and am waiting for a second interview with the VP of Client Retention. I feel it is a job I could thrive in.

Jenn    August, 11 2005 - USA
Please pray for my kitten, Abigael. She is very sick and needs a lot of healing. Please pray that she is cured and that she recovers. Thank you and God Bless you.

Bill    August, 08 2005 - PA, USA
Please pray for our son who feels life is no longer worth living and for his return to the church, and sacraments.


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