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IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

stella    August, 23 2016 - Nigeria
I pray for God's supernatural healing on my daughter,Emmanuella Anyaegbuna. And I also pray to God to help my children get a scholarship to study in any school of their choice. I also pray to God to help me in promoting the ministry He asked me to start. ( Widows for Christ) He told me He wants to use me as an instrument of love to my fellow widows.

C    August, 10 2016 -
Please pray for me, as I am so, so shy and bashful when in the presence of men. I think this is preventing me and blocking from meeting a good man and I always wanted to be married to a good man. I really need prayers and assistance in this matter.

Jac    July, 20 2016 -
Dear Mother i pray for loved ones to have clear medical results without having to go for procedures etc. Love you Mother. Also for my child to go for this retreat coming soon to open up. Interceded for them Mother. Thank you.

jessie    July, 12 2016 -
I pray for my husband D to be bealed of all disease and to be more God-fearing and loving. Thank you Mother.

jessie    July, 12 2016 -
Please pray Mother for my child A. to be more God-fearing, more generous and kind to others and less selfish. Thank you.

Ms Dennis    July, 12 2016 -
Mother I ask eternal rest for Leon
Wo passed on. May he rest in peace. Thank you Mother

Jacinta george    July, 12 2016 - Anony
Dear Blessed Mother please pray for my child to change her character and to be met with a good catholic spouse soon, simple and humble like st. Joseph. Thank you Mother.

Terence A    April, 19 2016 - Keningau, Sabah
Shalom...please pray for me ... it's been 4 months I did not work because I have to quit my pervious job because of the company was forced to close. I need to get a new job asap and hopefully with God Blessing I can find and get a new job opportunities here at our strip where we were staying. I also implore the intercession of the Blessed Mother so that I can earn enough money so that we can run a business family and pay all our debts.
May the Lord hear our prayers semua.Amen.

conni    April, 06 2016 -
Please pray that I get a good job and engaged this year.I have been a single mom for a long time and me and my children need more stability. Thank you

Dwi    March, 30 2016 -
Please pray me. My parents forsaken me and only thought themselves so that my life worse. Their cousins cheated and stole the treasure our parents. Then when my life better I usually helped my older sister financially but now she want to take over all of our family property. She will going mad when we discuss it as if we donít have rights. She also stole the money for medical expenses from our parents. I need a lot of miracles and expenses for me, my family, and my parents. I want to have cost to finish my study in university very well and without problems though I had long been unable to study because do not have a cost. Please pray me also for healing of tumor or cancer, lung, and rectal diseases.


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