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IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

Maxine Maria    July, 13 2015 - Texas
I'll so struggling financially, I can't afford car insurance and got a $382.00 ticket for it. I'm at a dead end job even though I have a BS degree. I've been searching for a better position since 2014 with no results. I also have applied for graduate school and trusting God to give me favor. I don't know what's going on. Please pray for my mental state and finances. I have even prayed to God to let me die young. I'm so tired of dealing with this life. I don't feel I can talk to anybody about my situation

Lisa    June, 06 2015 -
Please, please, pray for me! I feel so bad! I just want to die! Nothing helps me.... I am crying days and nights... I am so down! Please, i ask you, pray for me

Ignatious Angelo Dso    June, 06 2015 - Goa

Walter McKenna    June, 05 2015 - Virginia
Lord, thank you for the love you have poured into my heart. Your unconditional love overflows my heart. You know my heart Lord and the depths of my love for my spouse. I pray that you will pour your abundant blessings upon her and me. My spouse is a very special person to me, who I love dearly and will never leave nor forsake ever again no matter what. I know that my past had wounded my heart, but you have healed it and taken away the things that kept me from loving as you would have me do. Lord, I pray that you will continue to change me and make me into the husband, and father you would have me be. Lord, I know I hurt my spouse and caused her heart to harden. Lord Jesus, I pray that you will soften her heart and lead her to you and back to me. I know she believes in you as do I. Lord, your word has shown us what you would have us do and that you want us to stay together and forgive and reconcile. Lord, I pray that we will both submit to your will and reconcile. I pray that you will heal and restore our marriage.

ann mary    May, 19 2015 -
Healing of my son.

UCHE    April, 22 2015 - Nigeria
I am asking God to help me secure a good job and mother virgin Mary to always pray for me in this my quest

christopher    April, 22 2015 - wales
healing and cure of mental health , depression, mood swings social anxiety . healing cure of causes , good health in every way

rebecca    April, 22 2015 - uk
holy spirit please bless me with good health in mind body and soul , mentally, emotionally , psychologically , spiritualy, good health , thanks lord

rebecca    April, 22 2015 - uk
for healing and cure of illness disease , depression, anxiety , attacks so they don't happen anymore. healing emotionally mentally from damage in the past .

val    April, 22 2015 - uk
mum val - deliverance from the following afflictions - arthritis in bones especially in hands and back, to stay cancer and tumour free , deliverance from blood clots and deliverance from hardened arteries


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