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Rosary Meditation: The Mysteries of the Rosary

The Mysteries of the Rosary are events that occurred during the lives of Jesus and Mary. When praying the rosary, the Mysteries are the visuals that we meditate on as we recite each rosary decade (a group of 10 Hail Mary prayers). Meditation is what makes the rosary such a powerful devotion. With meditation, we add substance to our prayers and better align ourselves to a Higher Power.

Meditative Prayer
Rosary prayers must include meditation! When you first learn how to pray the rosary, you may be more concerned about memorizing the prayers than you are about remaining focused on your meditation. This is perfectly normal. However, once you understand the basics of how to pray the rosary, it becomes time to focus your attention towards improving your ability to meditate on the Mysteries of the Rosary during prayer. Rosary recitation without meditation is not nearly as effective than with meditation. To experience the full benefits and potential of praying the rosary, meditation on the Mysteries of the Rosary is absolutely essential.

There are 20 total Mysteries broken out into four different groups: Joyful Mysteries, Sorrowful Mysteries, Glorious Mysteries, and Luminous Mysteries. Most people limit their rosary prayers to one set of Mysteries per day by following the typical rosary schedule. However, if you can meditate on more than five Mysteries a day it would be great! The more you pray the better - but obviously not everyone has time to meditate on all 20 Mysteries a day. Therefore, pray the rosary and meditate on at least five Mysteries a day. Once you see the benefits of praying the rosary with meditation, you may want to meditate on all 20 Mysteries of the Rosary!

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