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Please say a prayer for the individuals who have posted a prayer request. You may also submit a prayer request for your own intentions.  Add Prayer Request  

IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

Jeanne    September, 18 2014 -
Mary my mother please give me the gift of unshakable faith
help me with this financial crisis, in your sons name Amen

Roel Victor Alvarez    September, 17 2014 - Roxas City, Capiz
Please pray for me, right now, my severe depression wasn't healed. The company in which they say I can start working wasn't calling me yet. I feel I am a burden to my family. I was diagnosed of having a tuberculosis because of my excessive smoking. Everyday, it seems my illness getting worse because I am always at home. There are many moments I feel I am worthless, hopeless, please pray for me, thank you, thank you

joseph kamya    September, 12 2014 - uganda muk
please pray for me tht am not discontinued from my university due to my poor grades and that i may finish my course in the required time i hv the faith in mother Mary pliz pray for mi brothers and sisters

Zena    August, 27 2014 -
Please pray for my relationship. I need him to communicate with me and show me his loyalty. We live in two different states and this has become so hard on me that I am on anxiety pills now. I need him to be truthful to me and Starr talking to me every day like he used to. Please Mother Mary hear my heartbroken crys!

an    August, 26 2014 -
please pray for my pettitions

Georgia Cain    August, 05 2014 - Bloomington, Indiana
Please can you say a prayer for my daughter who is disabled from the effects of diabetes. She has been without income and has been fighting for disability for several years without success.

annie    August, 04 2014 -
please pray for my petitions
i really need your interventions mother mary

Dulani    July, 22 2014 -
I pray with all my heart and my strength that My dearest mother Mary will listen to my prayers and wipe my tears. My loving partner wants god to show him about the togetherness in our love. May Mary our mother will pray to God the almighty Lord for my future and seal my life with the person I love most. Amen.

RV Alvarez    July, 16 2014 - Manila, Philippines
I am in severe depression. My life was in turmoil, I have 8k debt in the room I'm renting. I don't have enough money in my bank account. At the age of 34, I still dnt have a stable job,, no family, and no savings.I also dnt have many friends because of my poor attitude in human relations. I admit I am anti social and a bit eccentric. In the place m working, I only have few friends, a loner. Because of this, I am always the subject of inferiority complex, humiliation, put upon, and verbal bullism. Right now, even if I don't have enough money, I AWOL in my work 4 days, despite the warning letter I receive in my contract 2 weeks ago and the threat of my supervisor who always humiliated me in the office. In short, I am in serious difficult situation. If not only 4 the green rosary I have, and meditation, I wanted to end my life in my own hands. I always pray the rosary and go to church. But it seems they are all in vain. I hope by writing my petition here will change my life around. Thank you in advance Lord Jesus and Mama Mary.

Dulani Jayakody    July, 04 2014 - Colombo
I am in a deep pain because I have hurt the love of my life. I put him in a bad situation by asking to treasure me than his family which led him to create a wrong impression about me. Now i realized how wrong I was. Please everyone , pray for the bond of our hearts. please say one hail Mary for us. May Mary our God mother grant me the happiness and make our bond stronger than before. Praise the lord..


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