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IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

sharon mitchell    September, 06 2013 -
I am going through a hard time with a break up. I can't sleep or eat, I really need prayers!!!

Dulani Jayakody    August, 21 2013 - Colombo, Srilanka
Please Pray for my lover who is filled with anger, hot tempered , loneliness. .Please remember us on your prayers because of his anger and proud he dumped me for no reason.I pray to Mother Mary for reconcile our love and make him a good man who believe in God and Mother Mary.Please everyone. I love you my God Mother.

Joseph T    August, 19 2013 -
I have a problem looking a valgur pictures can you pictures can you play that I overcome this addiction

Quentin S    August, 19 2013 - Thailand
Please pray for the delivery of the following message:
There is no greater need today than to have the gospel spread form end to end of the earth, because this brings the end of days and we can all go home (Mat 24:14).
The gospel message is found throughout the bible and especially expressed in Rev 14:6-12 with 1 John 3:5-6 and Exodus 20:1-17.
The bottom line is that we can all be forgiven of our sins through the atonement of Jesus blood and claim power from heaven to never sin again, enabling us to live perfect on earth as our Father in Heaven is perfect (1 Kings 8:61, Mat 5:48, Luke 6:40, John 17:23, Phl 3:14-15).
Let us share this good news to all the earth as a witness so the end shall come.

GRH    August, 18 2013 -
Please pray with me that the Lord would prosper the work of my hands (it's been 5 years without earning anything, and things are getting desperate). I do not seek wealth, but rather to bless many charities in a huge way. I pray the Rosary and attend Holy Mass almost every day. Not sure what to do other than keep praying and trying at what I've been doing and exploring new ideas. Your prayerful help MOST appreciated.

Lori Casados    August, 17 2013 - Brawley
I am praying for my daughter since she is diagnosed with ADHD. There is a court order that orders for her to take but medicines have been giving her bad side effects now. Please help me pray that either she won't have to take medication anymore or she will be diagnosed with no more ADHS. I know there is nothing impossible with the Lord and there is nothing to hard for him. Through it all I say Lord let your will be done he will answer our prayers how he knows best and I thank him for it. Thank you Blessed mother for always interceding for us God Bless You

Ernesto T. Cortez Jr    August, 11 2013 - Philippines
Please help me to pray to pass my upcoming licensure examination for Teachers this coming September 29, 2013. Thank you and God Bless....

Shanda    August, 02 2013 -
Please pray for my entire family, especially my youngest sister and her daughter.

Bridget Gray    July, 25 2013 -
Please pray for my daughter; for healing and conversion. Thank you.

Kenneth    July, 23 2013 -
Pray for me to get a job on a ship as a stos.thank you


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