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IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

paula williams    August, 07 2012 -
I have been charged with some very serious charges in court and i am facing an uphill battle in court. A petition has been filed to revoke my probation and take away my freedom.Please stand in the gap for me and pray for me that God will intervene in my situation and give me mercy and favor with the judge and prosecutor over my case and that the lord will go before me and fight this battle for me.Please pray for me that God will deliver me from going to prison.God bless you

Carolyn Cabral    July, 22 2012 - WV
Please pray for me, for my daughter, and for Jason Michael. My daughter's biological father was a very violent man, who made many threats against us. Jason agreed to marry me and raise Aspen as his own, and we have lived as a family since before she was born, but we both had difficulty dealing with the trauma of what had happened and could not see each other's pain. We both became distanced from God. I have also been ill for many years and became severely ill while I was pregnant with Aspen. I was only recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and told I will never be well enough to work again. Before that diagnosis, the doctor I had been seeing called me a hypochondriac and said there was nothing wrong. It was terribly painful, and Jason became angry because he had been working two jobs to support us and thought I was being lazy and using him. He left us in December. I became so overwhelmed with emotional pain that I attempted suicide repeatedly. Nothing helped until I sent out a prayer request. Now, I have reestablished my relationship with the Lord, but my heart still hurts for Jason, and my daughter and I are in a precarious situation without him. I have applied for disability, but in the mean time, we have no income. I want more than anything to put our family back together and finally get married. My daughter and I attend church as often as we are able, but Jason is still far from God. Please pray that Jason will find his way back to God and to us.

R    July, 20 2012 -
Please pray for my boyfriend Edwin to talk to me love and affection. Let us not be busy with each other. Let us get time to talk to each other. Also Mother Mary please unite us in marriage.

Aparna    July, 16 2012 - South Africa
Please pray for my father's recovery. He had a severe and unexpected heart attack on July 4th and the oxygen to his brain appears to have been compromised. He opens his eyes, moves his limbs but is tube-fed, hasn't spoken and does not seem to recognize us. We are also facing difficulty getting him the rehabilitative assistance he requires. We are facing difficulties in every step. Please pray for my father's recovery and also for strength for my mother. Thank you.

bec    July, 03 2012 -
please pray for my husband. he has an addiction and it has vastly effected our relationship and marriage. he doesn't understand the depth of the problems his actions have caused, the hurt and distrust and all the rest. so, i ask you to please pray for him that he is enlightened as to why his addiction isn't good, to see clearly the problems he/it has caused; that he finally "gets it" and for him to truly be transformed and converted. for our marriage to be a phenomenal relationship between us and with God that goes beyond my hopes and dreams. please pray also for me to have the strength to keep going and to be the spouse God wants me to be and that my husband needs me to be. for all the rest that i want to say, i ask your help in prayer.

God bless you all and i will keep you in my own prayers!

margaret merrifield    June, 27 2012 -
Dear Blessed Mother, Please would you pray for my husband Maurice, he is in terrible pain with his back and believes he may have cancer of the prostate. Thank you so much. Margaret.

Matthew Sacco    June, 18 2012 - Rochester, NY
I need to pass Praxis I: Reading and the New York State Teacher Certification Examination: Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students. Also, I need to look for a teacher of the deaf job after passing all the tests. I, however, am broke because I don't have any retirement money yet.

I want to find a teacher of the deaf jobs in the southern states such as Louisiana, Florida, or Texas, and buy a second home including central air conditioning, pool, jacuzzi, and gourment kitchen.
Still, I like to give the money to the non-profit organization. Please pray for me! I'd be happy! :-)

Blandina    May, 14 2012 - Kenya
Please pray for me that i may be a good wife and mother and that me and my husband will recommit to our marriage, i also pray that i get a promotion at my work place, i feel am ready for growth in my career, lastly i pray that i may grow in faith and that this spiritual journey i have started will become a part and parcel of my life.

Garrett Higgins    May, 13 2012 - Houston, Texas
Please pray for my Mother. In the past two or three years, her attitude towards God has drastically changed. She used to be the woman that always went to Mass. In fact, she was the foundation for church life within our family. With my sister's recent divorce, I think it has torn her apart. She has let a lot of hate into her heart, which I think has damaged her relationship with God. Please pray for her (Mary Jo), that she can lose her anger, hate, and learn to allow herself to be consoled by Christ in the tough times. Please pray that whatever chain is holding her down can be broken. Also, I am discerning a vocation to the priesthood. So, please pray for me that this negative energy does not influence me, but that I can hold on tight to my Lord and Savior.

lucie    May, 10 2012 - europe
for recovery from pleurisy; for financial aid and relocation and sale of home for friend and I; for peace and our lady's help in dispelling the darkness all around us....for peace and healing for sunshine instead of rain for mylungs


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