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Please say a prayer for the individuals who have posted a prayer request. You may also submit a prayer request for your own intentions.  Add Prayer Request  

IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

kathryn ann tolentin    December, 13 2011 - phils.
mama mary please pray that the father of my baby will come back to us and fulfill all his promises. I love him and I want to be with him specially this coming Christmas. Thank you

Kathy StJohn    December, 08 2011 -
I make a covenant to pray the rosary daily understanding now it's importance. Holy Mother please answer my prayer please send a sign to renew my courage that I will not be defeated in this battle and will not lose what is most dear to me on this earth. I am scared and tired and feel I do not have the strength to go on I need your love and protection now more than ever.

Matoula    December, 05 2011 -
I pray to you dear lord, in the name of the father and Jesus christ to please restore my relationship with T. dear god I ask that you please answer my prays and bring him back to me before Christmas. I pray for a miracle. I pray to you my father in heaven to please soften my loves heart and try and help him realise how beautiful our reltionship is and worth saving. Please fill his heart with love for me.I pray to you god to please hear my prays for a miracle and that my love will call me so we can talk and sort everything out. Please bring this happiness back to ne in time for christmas. All this in the name of the father and jesus, amen. God bless everyone

DT    November, 26 2011 - WI
Dear Blessed Mother and those who pray for us,
Please pray my daughter's doctor appt. goes well on Wednesday. Also, please pray I get a job at the college through my internship. Thank you so much.

jessica lemmo    November, 15 2011 - OH
Dear Blessed Mother, you know the intentions in my heart. They can be complicated. Please bless me with a financial miracle, help my marriage and ans please help me with a miracle to lose this weight from the depression. All mt love and thanks...

jessica lemmo    November, 15 2011 - Cleveland, OH
Dear Blessed Mother, I love you so very much and yet I feel like I make so many mistakes. Please hear my prayer and bless me with your love grace and protection. I am in such desperate need of a financial miracle. Drowning in debt. Can't pay bills. Have baby to support. Horrible marriage. Husband who doesn't love me. Legally blind and the tremendous weight gain from the depression. Blessed Mother save me. Save my baby. I want a new life. I need a new life. N will always be in my heart. I just want to be beautiful again, inside and out. I want to feel loved. I'm starving for love and affection. I feel like im slowly dying. Just slowly shriveling up, no food, no water, my spirit is being snuffed out. Please ignite the fire that once burned so strong and bright. All my love...j

K B    October, 25 2011 - NY
Dear Blessed Mother,

I pray and trust that you are with me. I ask that you bless me with patience,and motivation on the job search. Please oh Blessed One, have the employer (J), that I went on 5 different interviews with finally call me with a job offer. Please also bring my son home from his life of despair and give him the courage to persevere. May you also bring and speak to my friend (Fs) heart and give him the knowing to reach out to me as I have nothing but pure love for him, and want to have a loving relationship with him.
Thank You my Blessed Mother I trust in You!

Charmaine Yee    October, 11 2011 - Singapore
Dear Mother Mary, I pray to you for my broken heart, I pray to you to have Andy back by my side again, I pray to you to have us back together again. I devote myself to the rosary prayer and I give my heart and soul to pray to You. Please hear my prayer Mother Mary.

Andrea Herman    October, 03 2011 - New York
My miracle is that I please gain motivation to study and work hard in nursing school. And that I excel with high grades, a love and passion for nursing, and become a caring, loving and passionate nurse. I am currently in my junior year of nursing school, and I want to graduate with my nursing class of 2013 from Pace University. I hope to continue my education in nursing and have a successful career. Please God help me find motivation in my work, and please help me excel with high (or at least passing) grades. I really want this pray to be answered in the hopes of making my family proud, especially my mother. She is an RN nurse and is my inspiration and idol.
I pray to St. Jude, St. Agatha, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Anthony of Padua, Mother Theresa, the Virgin Mary, and God the loving Father, as well as all the saints in heaven and earth PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!

Martina Gnappi    October, 03 2011 -
Please pray for Nick and his wife ,two people that I love very dearly.Their faith is so weak,I ask prayers for their conversion to Christ and their marriage.I've prayed very much too.


Rosary Promise #4: "It will cause virtue and good works to flourish; it will obtain for souls the abundant mercy of God; it will withdraw the hearts of men from the love of the world and its vanities, and will lift them to the desire of eternal things. Oh, that souls would sanctify themselves by this means."  See also: 15 Promises of the Rosary...

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