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IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

Cecilia Misiano    May, 19 2011 - Philippines
Lord, i have neglected you & praying the rosary. Right now my marriage is in shambles & my husband doesnt want to work things out i am only his friend for now thats it and not a wife. I pray that my marriage be restored.The other day he agreed to pray the rosary when he would visit the children. I pray for the healing of my husband & restoration of my marriage. I know i caused him to fear me because i have become violent and hurt myself because i cant cope with problems. Please help me, i want to be able to fix my marriage for the sake of my children who love their Tatay so much. My mother told me my marriage collapsed because i neglected to pray the rosary & we never prayed as a family. I do ask for restoration above all things. IF i lost all material things its not worth saving but i woudl rather save my marriage. Through our mother Mary and through Jesus name. I ask for this petition.
Admins Comment Admins Comment:
Dear Cecilia - please know that your stoppage of praying the rosary did not cause your marital problems.

Michael Steele    May, 15 2011 - Edmonton, AB
Father, you know my wife has left me, I have been laid off and have no means to keep paying rent and living expenses. I really am in a Job like position where I have to rely totally on You. I pray I may have the strength to keep standing to see my marriage healed as You have promised and not to look at outward circumstances but only to You. Thank You Father for already hearing and answering my heart's cry. By your Spirit in Jesus' Name. Amen

Alexander Chung    April, 28 2011 - Canada
Please Heavenly Father and Abba, through Immaculate Mother Mary bring Your beloved creation into the Kingship and Lordship of Jesus Christ and renew it in the power of the Holy Spirit so all people may bow their knee and confess with their tongues that Jesus Christ is Lord, so He may truly reign in all hearts and in all of creation.

Alexander Chung    April, 28 2011 - Canada
For powerful, abundant, ongoing, growing and lasting conversions of all people, especially political leaders and politicians, judges and lawyers, scientists and doctors, and especially for Dave McConnell, Gilles Latour, John Latulippe, Paul Crooks, Jean-Pierre Mercier, Bill Maher, Paul Zackary Myers, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Cecile Richards and Dr. Henry Morgentaler.

Alexander Chung    April, 21 2011 -
For my brother's deep spiritual conversion and healing, especially letting go of the resentment of priestly abuse, and that he have a repentant and forgiving heart, and through Jesus, Mary and Joseph for abundant and ceaseless blessings on his marriage so that he and his new wife come back to the Church with love of Christ and the Sacraments, and for the repose of the souls of Robert Lee, Francois Latour and Franz Bydlinski.

Alexander Chung    April, 21 2011 - Canada
For the intentions of Brother Craig of the Monks of Adoration, especially for abundant vocations and constant growth for the Monks of Adoration, for Father Daniel's intentions, especially for the establishment and continued growth of The John Paul II Centre for Divine Mercy, and for a Church dedicated to Perpetual Adoration in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and that The Marians Of The Immaculate Conception Of The Blessed Virgin Mary grow rapidly, abundantly and faithfully, and spread into Canada and other parts of the world.

Alexander Chung    April, 21 2011 -
For the conversions of all atheists, nonbelievers and pro-abortionists, and for deep continuing conversions of all people, for all lukewarm Christians to wake up and for all people, especially other Christians to be led to become Roman Catholic.

Alexander Chung    April, 21 2011 -
For the end of abortion, for the culture of life to prevail in our hearts and the entire world, for peace in our hearts, families, and the whole world, and for the Laws of God to prevail in our hearts and entire world, with ceaseless prayers to Jesus through Mary that planned parenthood be miraculously transformed and converted, so that planned parenthood become a powerful, abundant and growing institute of life for the Roman Catholic Church, and for abundant and ceaseless vocations for the Priesthood, the Religious and Consecrated life, and for the sanctity of marriage.

Alexander Chung    April, 21 2011 - Canada
Through Mama Mary's special prayers and most powerful and never failing intercession, that all the Holy Guardian Angels present at all the Holy Masses celebrated throughout the whole world each and every day in perpetuity that each and every Guardian Angel may bring a soul out of purgatory, bring about eternal salvation for a dying soul, and a miraculous conversion for a lost soul each and every day, and that all people choosing and living a celibate life, especially Priests, Religious, and the Consecrated, that each and every day of their celibate life that souls be released from purgatory, eternal salvation be achieved for the dying, and that lost souls be miraculously converted each and every day, and with ceaseless prayers for the sanctity and purity of the Church and world, the souls in purgatory, the dying and all humankind, and each and every day through Mother Mary's ceaseless intercession may many souls in purgatory be released, the dying be brought to salvation and many people be converted, and the world and Church be purified, so that more and more people come to live in Christ and that no more souls be lost.

Michael Steele    April, 19 2011 - Edmonton
My wife separated from me, and has chosen to move in with a sinful man. I'm heartbroken because I'm about to lose everything I hold dear - my son Connor will not be living with me. I need intercession for Christina to change her mind, for her to see Stephen's true colours, and for her to Listen to the Voice of the Lord. I desire so strongly to see our marriage healed and restored. May God's Will Be Done and His Name Be Glorified. Amen.


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