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IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

Michelle Hundt    October, 18 2010 - La Crosse. Wisconsin
Please pray for my 5 year old son who has a retinal disease, that he may be cured and that my other son who is 19 months old will be unafflicted. It is genetic and call X-linked retinoscheisis. It usually surfaces around age 4. It is passed from mother to son.

CMCJ    October, 13 2010 - USA
I am praying and believing in a financial miracle and a job to support my family.
Salvation and Patience for my son and husband.

Lydia Pok    August, 30 2010 - Malaysia
Please do continue to uphold my work in prayer. Pray that the hospital director will in favour of me. Pray that my ward sister will not transfer away as she also doesn't want to get transferred. Please pray that no evil scheme against me will prosper. Thank you

Lydia Pok    August, 30 2010 - malaysia
Please pray for my convatec dressing business that my business will prosper and that no one will ever take away the business from me.

lucie mac    August, 16 2010 - europe
please pray the rosary with me and for me. 2 of my family are now dying. For the healing and cleansing and deliverance of the familiy from any bad things attitudes, prejudices etc. for the famille home to be sorted financially and properly. For conversion of B and brothers. Pray with me and for me for all the graces and things I urgently need.

Angie Boudreaux    August, 16 2010 - Baton Rouge
Please pray that I can obtain a home of my own, and be diligent in improving my finances. I always seem to end up renting properties from people with psychological issues. I would like a place of my own to call home, and the ability to pay all of my obligations on time, and take care of any outstanding financial obligations.

CMC    August, 09 2010 - nola
I am praying for a job that pays enough to pay bills and support my family. Financial prosperity to catch up on mortgage and other obligations.

John Herr    July, 21 2010 - Washington state
Please pray for Cathy K., who has been told by her doctors that they cannot do anything for her cancer. She is in extreme pain. May this cross be lifted from her shoulders. Also,please pray for her husband, Phil, and their extended family for strength to get through this challenge.

cindy johnson    July, 14 2010 - nola
I pray for peace in my family and extended family. I also pray that my father have a peaceful homegoing.

Cecile Ordonez    July, 14 2010 - Manila Philippines
I make these prayer intentions through the victorious Lady of the Rosary, the La Naval:

I pray for the hearing and the return of my beloved Joseph.

I ask that he be lifted of his depression / mid life crisis, and that he overcome his problems, esp his financial burdens.

I ask that he be removed from that Muslim environment of vice & women; cover him, O Lady with the mantle of your protection, and keep him from temptations. Remove from him the thorn against purity.

I ask that he remembers me for the love/devotion before all these travails set in, and I also ask for our healing and forgiveness of each other, for a maturer love so that we may be reconciled to each other on the feast of La Naval; grant that we may pick up the pieces, and be able to move forward together in sacramental union.

Thank you.


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