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IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

Beatrice    April, 08 2015 - Kilimanjaro2014
Please i need your prayers so that my husband should get a better job so that he can sustain his family and pay bills.Also i pray that through mother Mary intercession he should stop alcohol drinking and he should assist me in my financial raising projects

Nic    April, 07 2015 - Sc
Please pray for my 2 year old son. He used to say 10 words at 18 months and now at 24 months he dosent talk at all. Mother Mary please help my son to regain his speech. Also he is always underweight and a picky eater, Mother Mary help him to eat well and gain weight. Thank you for all your blessings

monique    April, 05 2015 - kl
I have a picture of MOTHER MARY with baby Jesus..its a rare depiction of Mother Mary drying clothes in the backyard of the house while she keeps an eye on baby jesus sitting on the grass playing nearby.
I have that picure on my computer desktop in my office.
It's my dream to be at home taking care of my son with enough money.with a husband who could provide financially. My husband does not provide. He is plunging himself furthur into Already accumulating debts of 200 thousand. My husband asks me for money often.I feel devastated. He says he lives only once and wants to enjoy maximum by buying n having material stuffs. He bullies me often mentally. I work full time and do all of the house work plus I have a two year old son. I need help. I can't carry this weight of my husband and take care of my son and wonder if my dreams to be a full time mom is just a dream? Plus I need to tune my mind to listen and to do God's will. I am feeling overwhelmed today. Please rescue me with the rosary prayers. I can't seem to get through this on my own..please. Thankyou. In Jesus name.

Rovie Alba    April, 03 2015 - Philippines
I pray to heal me from my severe depression and cigarette addiction. I will receive my money soon from my previous company and I pray that that I will become Catholic monk

monique    March, 30 2015 -
My 2 year old son has difficulty eating. He just refuses to eat . when forced, he inflicts injury on banging his head on the wall..or puts all his finger ito the mouth..n tries to vomit. please I beg for prayers to storm the heavens..mother mary ..jesus..pls help.amen

Nicodemus    March, 27 2015 - Kenya
Mama Mary and fellow brethren please pray for me in my intentions; I pray for a better job in humanitarian field. I pray for a job for my wife who is for long time been jobless. I pray for my sick mother and son for healing. All these I am sure to receive soon as I pray through the mighty name of our Lord Jesus. Amen

monique    March, 17 2015 - malaysia
I hv am in a situation where my husband is mentally abusive and he demands money from me often..while he spends money on electronic goods for himself..taking 4d numbers and shopping online.
Jesus and mother mary have already many times gave me assurance that my prayers will be answered. a solution will be found..still as I wait for the promises to come true..I ask for the strength to be patient and to be still for my God will fight for me. Help me to occupy my mind with fruitful I wait with faith for deliverance from this situation I am facing.Amen.

Dulani    March, 17 2015 -
I pray from all my heart that our lovely mother, the lily of heaven would heal my father . Both physically and mentally. to be his side and strengthen him. To support him to carry out the cross of life and praise Lord with his every word.

Rovie Alba    February, 18 2015 - Philippines
I pray that my severe depression will be healed, so that I will never be a burden to my family, instead, I will be a blessing and a provider to them. I pray also for Mama Mary's intercession to help me in my smoking addiction, please pray for me. Cigarettes ruining my life for how many years, I want to get rid of it. Please pray for me. Thank you

ciana coutinho    February, 17 2015 - GOA
please for me i am going through a very bad phase i lost the closest person to my heart due to my enormous faults. i lied to him but my intentions were not to hurt him. i have realised all my faults and i beg mother mary to give me that person back. i am incomplete withpout that person. please pray for me.


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