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IMPORTANT: Prayer requests that put the Lord to the test will not be posted. (Matthew 4:7)

Khay    February, 16 2015 - CA
Mama Mary through your divine intercession may your son our Lord Jesus Christ hears and grants my fervent prayer if it is his will and at his most perfect time, please help, direct and guide my husband to find employment. lead him oh Lord to a just and righteous employer. May he be employed the soonest. Help us meet our financial needs . Debts are piling up and our savings are almost used up. Please provide our daily needs. Mama Mary please intercede for us. Lord Jesus Christ please graciously hear our prayers. We have no one to call and hold on but you, no one to lean on but you, you are our strength and salvation. Nothing is impossible with you my mother. I love you. I know my prayer will be granted and my faith is the strongest.

rebecca    February, 05 2015 - uk
for the lord to get me out of psyciactric treatment , restore me togood health and so I can have my freedom

rebecca    February, 05 2015 - uk
please pray for my healing and deliverance from depression and attacks whatevers causing them . deliverance from the darkness, to be in the light

Marc    February, 02 2015 - leb
I need urgent prayers for several reasons. I will try to be as brief and precise as I can:

1- I am currently in a transition phase from one job to another, the new position is kind a new to me and I feel so stressed about the fact that I wont be doing well.

2- I am in a deep financial crisis, things are not getting any better and I am facing lots of debts.

3- I have a very very very bad relationship with my dad(for several reasons) which is making me feel bad.

4- The worst "guilt" source in my life is my homosexual identity , my desires are always burning , I cant control them , I feel helpless I tried so many times to suppress my feelings but without any success. On the other side, I feel that being homosexual will lead me to a lonely life with no family or kids and that is making me feel so sad and empty inside.

5- I want to be devoted to the rosary, I want the grace of having the power of the rosary by my side but for some reason I just can't devote myself to it.

Thank you to all of you who will pray for me, I hope I can someday be devoted to the rosary myself and help others with prayers.

Thank Mary and Jesus for such a precious gift as the Rosary.

Danielle Goodwin    January, 11 2015 -
I would like prayer for employment fast for my family and myself and for all others to have their prayers answered.Thank you in advance.

Maxine Maria    December, 19 2014 - Texas
I've been dealing with mental and financial issues. At work I've had many swipe corrections and don't want to get written up over it. I've never missed work and I'm a good employee, but my supervisor is bias towards me. Ask for the Blessed Mother's Intecession about this situation. I've been so worried and stress out about money. The last thing I need is to not get paid correctly. God Bless all

Mary Cynthia    December, 02 2014 - Nigeria
Dar Lord, Please bless me with a spouse whom you have chosen for me to spend the rest of my life with. Bless him and bless me too, may our paths cross this year, amen

Estela Pineda    November, 29 2014 - Ca
I'm currently going through a very stressful situation in which a co-worker of mine is attempting to get me fired. She has wanted me out of there since the first day I started, and it seems like things are going her way in making this happen, so I please ask whoever read this, to please pray for me. Thank you, and God bless.

Rwaheru Peter    October, 14 2014 -
hello to you all. I joined a school and its private and all our entry certificates have to be taken for screening. The screening organisation only wants 70 students and we are more than 100. Guys pray for me that my name should be on the list of the the 70 students. I qualify in all ways. I cant lose it because i will be left with nothing…i mean nothing guy……please i beg because this is important because without this,i have nothing

Maxine Maria    September, 30 2014 - Texas
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Posted Today, 04:49 PM

I work in a call center in a Client Service position. One of the main floor supervisors doesn't like me. I repeat... he does not like me. About 10 of us are tenured and new positions of advancement are opening up. The manager I'm speaking of is trying to hold me back. Please pray, I'm a great employee, perfect attendance and constant Quality recognition. I don't want to be stuck on these phones. In Jesus Name!!!


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